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12V DC UPS ( Internet / WiFi / CCTV Backup) - 19Wh
12V DC UPS ( Internet / WiFi / CCTV Backup) - 19Wh
12V DC UPS ( Internet / WiFi / CCTV Backup) - 19Wh
12V DC UPS ( Internet / WiFi / CCTV Backup) - 19Wh
12V DC UPS ( Internet / WiFi / CCTV Backup) - 19Wh

12V DC UPS ( Internet / WiFi / CCTV Backup) - 19Wh

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This Mini UPS is designed specifically to provide clean, automatic, constant power to small electronic devices during power outages or load shedding.

Installation is plug and play since the unit is simply installed in between the device and power supply. Just unplug the power supply from your device, plug it into the DC UPS on the IN port. Connect the supplied cable to the OUT port and your device. Switch on the DC UPS. Simple and elegant.

The unit works by acting like a battery that is charged by your existing power supply and then it keeps providing power to your device using a built in lithium battery module should the grid connection turn off. Once the grid power turns back on, then it recharges it's internal battery module so it is ready for the next power outage.

The unit does not beep like a normal computer UPS and the unit does not suffer from major efficiency loss unlike traditional UPS's, which converts power from 12V batteries to 220V AC output. Instead, the unit provides DC-to-DC power output with much higher efficiency, resulting in longer run times.

The unit also acts as an in-line filter that protects your devices from any electrical disturbances on the electrical grid. Typical Running Times: WiFi Router ( 12V, 0.5A ) : 3 hrs High Powered WiFi Router (12V, 1A) : 1 hrs 30min Fibre Modem ( 12V, 0.5A ) : 3 hrs

NOTE : This is the small version of this Mini DC UPS. It is meant to power a single device. It is ideal for use if your WiFi Router and Fibre modem are not right next to each other and you cannot use one device to keep both powered. Should you require two devices to be powered from a single device, see the larger capacity version of this device.

Examples of Internet devices it can power:
Frogfoot fibre modem (12v)
Vumatel fibre modem (12v)
Openserve fibre modem (12v)
Mikrotik Routers (12v)
TPlink Wi-Fi Routers (12v)
Tenda Wi-Fi Routers (12v)
SADV fibre modem NOTE: Check the connectors. Some are high power (12v 2.5A and have a special 8 pin connector. This unit will not work for these.

- Output voltage: 12VDC
- Output current: 2A Max
- Battery Capacity: 19Wh
- Input voltage: 12VDC
- Input current: 2.5A Max
- Charge port (IN) : DC 5.5 × 2.1
- Discharge port (OUT) : DC 5.5 × 2.5
- Case material : FR-ABS Plastic
- Colour: White
- Dimensions : 112x70x60mm
- Weight: 235g
- Battery cell certification: CB,CE,UL,UN38.3,BIS,KC,MSDS,ROHS,CQC,SGS,EMC
- Battery protection: Temperature protection,Over charge & discharge protection,over current, short circuit
- Cycle life: Standard charge & discharge capacity ≥ 80% @ 0.2C, Cycle life ≥ 600

1 x 12v DC UPS 19Wh 1 x DC5.5×2.1 to DC5.5×2.5 cable (50cm)

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