Extreme Lights | 30W Vega Spot Light | the best Off-Road Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | 30W Vega Spot Light | the best Off-Road Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | 30W Vega Spot Light | the best Off-Road Lights ever!
30W Vega XL Spot Light

30W Vega XL Spot Light

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This rugged  30W LED Driving Light will produce a crisp clear light. The 7 Inch solid cast aluminum alloy heat emission body will withstand a fair amount of abuse, built with PC housing and cover and comes with a durable stainless steel bracket. This design makes it ideal for the South African off-road environment.

Read all about the go! Drive & Camp Magazine January 2018 Vega XL Fitment

. Power: 30W
. Voltage: DC 12-48V
. LED colour temperature: 5300-6000K, DRL6000-6500K
. Beam type: Spot beam
. Working life: 50,000 hours
. Size: 176.51*98.79*190.24mm
. Working temperature: -40℃~+65℃
. Dust and waterproof: IP67

  • For Off-Road use ONLY

Warranty Period: 12 Months

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  • I was looking to buy the 30w Vega XL Spot Lights. Would you recommend these spot lights? Will they at least shine about 200m? What is your experience with them?

    I would definitely recommend the Vega's, they have an awesome pattern, literally our most focused beam out of our spotlight range. They throw out a rectangle of light, and the DRL's that they have in them actually throw a decent flood light too. The effect is that you have a nice large rectangle of light in the distance and then the flood light close to the car. You would get 200m out of them. We have sold a good couple through fitment centres and the feedback has been really positive, we are known for having the best off road lights available but for also being slightly more expensive as quality does cost more, the Vega Spots carry our quality at a lower cost.

  • The Vega spots have built-in DRL. Does this mean there are three wires, i.e. GND, SPOT, DRL? So a separate wire needed for the DRL?

    100% Correct.  Three wires as mentioned.

  • Hi Is the DRL use with the dim lights?

    There are a few ways to do it. The DRL(blue wire) can be tapped onto the park lights, dims, or fog lamps. That is up to you and what would work best for you. 

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