Extreme Lights | Core+ Cycle Light | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | Core+ Cycle Light | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | Core+ Cycle Light | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | Core+ Cycle Light | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | Core+ Cycle Light | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Core+ Cycle Light

Core+ Cycle Light

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The 2017 rechargeable LED Core+ Cycle Light is perfect for road riding or non technical off-road riding.

The rechargeable LED Core+ Cycle Light is lightweight.  A sharp, focused, hotspot illuminates the road ahead, and side-spill gives you perspective of the sides of your riding track. The LED Core+ Cycle Light has a maximum beam distance of 185 meters and the rechargeable battery can last for up to 40 hours.

Features & Benefits:

O-Ring Handlebar Mount will let light fit any size round handlebar.
The battery pack has a soft Neoprene pouch which prevents vibration and scratching of your bicycle frame.

Shortened Cables
No more cluttered handlebars!

- The Light will not switch off or go into pulse mode when you rotate through the different brightness settings.
- The light comes on in Low mode, so you will not lose your night vision when you switch it on.
The Pulse function cannot be selected accidentally. 

Battery Indicator
The mode button also serves as a battery-level indicator. Its intensity was designed not to be a visual distraction during use.
Green: 50 - 100% battery power remaining
* Orange: 10 - 50% battery power remaining.
* Red: 5 - 10% battery power remaining.
* Flashing red:  <5% battery power remaining - light will step down to a low power state - just enough light to get you home.

Storage Case
 Top-quality padded storage case.

12 Months Warranty
Warranty covers complete lighting kit, plus battery.

Beam Pattern

Beam Shot

Download the Quick Start Guide here.

Download the Complete User Instructions here.

Technical Specs:

Output Lumen Runtime Hours Beam Distance
Boost 750 L 3.5 Hours 185 meters
High 300 L 10 Hours 121 meters
Low 120 L 40 Hours 46 meters
Pulse 300 L 15 Hours 121 meters

Variation may exist between individual products - up to 10% variance can be observed

- Light and Battery Weight: 259g
- LED: Cree XP-L, natural white light
- Beam Width: 12° Hot Spot, 95° Side Spill
- Optics: High-efficiency reflector optics
- Max Beam distance (according to ANSI-NEMA FL-1 Standard): 185m
- Thermal Management System: Built-in overheating protection to prolong the lifetime of the LED, and allow maximum performance.
- Battery: 2 Cell 8.4V 2200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with 3 layers of physical protection
- Battery Pouch: High-quality stretchable neoprene
- Charger: SABS approved 2-pin wall charger
- Waterproofing: Splashproof; not submersible

What’s in the box?

- Core Cycle light
- Charger
- 2 Cell 8.4V 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery in neoprene pouch
- Large and small elastic O-rings for attaching to all sizes of bicycle handlebars

Questions & Answers

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  • Hello. How much better is the endurance + cycle light from the 1000 lumen lights with a spot beam?

    It's all about horses for courses.  The Core+ is great if it is your first light and you are new to mountain biking.  The Endurance+ and Ultimate+ are both on an entirely different level.  Designed for more hard core mountain bikers, they have a lot more light, and much wider beam patterns, which are significantly better suited to off road riding.

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