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Merrel Adv Addicts

Merrell Adventure Addicts Patagonia Expedition Race

If you are one of the keen followers of the Merrell Adventure Addicts you will love this piece about their next expedition:  The Patagonia Expedition Race. How to Prepare for the End of the World If you want to go play in a place where people look at you blankly should you say ‘heatwave,’ Patagonia […]



Hanlie Booyens did the Munga Race at the end of 2015.  She bought some of Extreme Lights’ products for this amazing adventure.  Here is her feedback on the products she used: The inaugural MUNGA has come and gone…….in its wake it left many a broken body including mine! However not even the MUNGA could make […]


24 Hours of Oak Valley MTB Relay ’16

As Extreme Lights are the official Lighting partner for the 24 Hour Oak Valley MTB Relay, we would like to encourage you to enter the event.  This is a FUN event and you can include your whole family.  Here follows all the necessary information for the MTB Event. Twenty-four-hours of mountain biking in the Elgin Valley […]


How does the Dip beam cut off on the new Auto LED Bulbs replacement compare to HID and Halogen.

As the vehicles we drive become faster and more sophisticated, and the roads on which we drive them become ever more unpredictable and hazardous, the demand for higher intensity and greater range from our light sources continues to grow. It is more-or-less widely accepted that since high-intensity discharge (HID) lights cannot offer optimum reaction time […]

HI 3 Banner Web Changes

New HI3 Motorbike Light Launched!

Finally, after 9 months of back and forth to our manufacturers in China, endless designs and quality tests, our brand new Motorcycle Lights have arrived:  Behold the HI3 Motorcyle Light. ( Link to product page) Designed from scratch, these were designed for South African riding conditions with the South African Rider in mind. Features include: […]

Legality of LED Light Bars tested in the Namibian Courts.

Windhoek Canopy Center is Extreme Lights’ exclusive distributor for our Automotive products in Namibia.  Andre Potgieter, like many others, was given a fine for driving with a LED Light Bar on his vehicle in Namibia.  They were fed up with Namibian authorities enforcing questionable laws and regulations on LED lights on vehicles, and decided to fight […]


Powerbank Adapter – Review by Coos Diener

Once Again Coos Diener has graced us with a wonderful Review. Recently we hiked the Naukluft hiking trail in the Namib-Naukluft park near Sossusvlei in Namibia. It is 120 km long over eight days and the terrain is rough: when not crossing rocky plains, dry waterfalls are negotiated (with some fixed chains for protection) or […]