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Amageza Rally

Amageza Rally 2015 – Team 525

Extreme Lights is a proud sponsor of Team 525 in this year’s grueling Amageza Rally. This gang of mad max endurance racers will make the rest of the field look like kindergarten teachers. This year’s Amageza Rally will start on the 29th of August in Kimberley. Amageza is a FIM sanctioned Multi-day stage rally run […]

11 Brilliant Mountain Bike Hacks You Should Know About

Here are some great Mountain Bike hacks you guys should know about!  Maybe even use it at this Saturdays Trans Baviaans. 1. Old mountain bike socks make handy phone protectors Seal in a small Ziploc bag for weatherproofness 2. Wrap duct tape/electrical tape around pump to always have some handy 3. Store sunscreen and/or Chamoix […]

Trans Baviaans

Trans Baviaans 24hr MTB Race Report – 15 August 2015

The Trans Baviaans MTB Race report from Saturday 15 August.  I know a lot of you have been following the Trans Baviaans, so here is a brief report of the race on this past Saturday. Below are the provisional results for the first event of the Trans Baviaans 24-hour mountain biking marathon, which took place […]

Headlight Beams

How to Adjust Your Headlights

This post is purely for all our LED Headlight Replacement Bulb buyers.  What most people don’t know, is that after replacing your halogen bulbs with LED headlight replacement Bulbs you should adjust your headlights beam angle so that you get the right pattern and so you do not blind oncoming traffic.  Read on for in […]

Trans Baviaans

Last Trans Baviaans Countdown Post! Tips and Tricks

With the Trans Baviaans just around the corner I thought you guys would like some of those last minute tips and tricks.  We all welcome little tit bits of advice every now and again. “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers Before Go […]


Trans Baviaans – What you need to pack

So with Trans Baviaans just around the corner I was surfing the internet to find some last minute tips and tricks for the last countdown post.  I found lots, but later on that in my next post. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with velo tales? Velouria has done the Trans Baviaans at […]

Trans Baviaans

Trans Baviaans Countdown – 1 Week Left! Rules and Guidelines

It is almost time!!  We all know with everything there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed so it is fair to everyone who joins in the fun and competition.  Here are all the necessary rules and guidelines that you need to know before you take on this amazing challenge!! “Failure will […]

XP3 & XP7

Review: Extreme Lights XP3 and XP7 bike lights

We found this awesome review and comparison of the XP3 Performance Cycle Light and the XP7 Ultimate Cycle Light by Nick from The Hub Staff.  This gives you a great idea of what each light is capable of. It’s been a dry winter in the Cape, making it all that much easier to leave the […]

Gemma Roper designed the Safe & Sound headphones specifically for cyclists. Photograph: Gemma Roper

Is it safe to listen to music while cycling if it’s playing through your face?

Ever wonder if there is an easier way to listen to some music while cycling?  Gemma Roper Designed the Safe & Sound headphones that plays music through your cheekbones… Now you are thinking: “But how would that work?” Read on if you want to know more about this innovative design. There are two types of […]

Trans Baviaans

Trans Baviaans Countdown – Support Driver Information – 2 Weeks To Go!!

This Trans Baviaans Countdown Blog is especially for the Support Driver of each Team!  Its not just the Cyclists that need to prepare for this epic adventure, the support team is just as important.  Here follows some vital information for you Support Drivers. “You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the […]

Merrel Adv Addicts

Merrell Adventure Addicts Cycle Light Review from Expedition Africa

Graham Bird from the Merrell Adventure Addicts delighted us with yet another outstanding review on the XP3 Performance Cycle Light.  Graham Bird leads and manages the Merrell Adventure Addicts, he is a true adventure addict.  The Merrell Adventure Addicts used the XP3 Performance Cycle Light and the XP1 Cycle Light at the Expedition Africa. Having […]