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4 Best Tips When Buying an Off Road Light Bar


LED light bars that are going to be used primarily in off road driving need to optics (lenses or reflectors) that mainly have a spot beam pattern. The reason for this is that when driving on road it is important to illuminate the sides of the road to a lesser extend than the road ahead of you.  If the beam floods too much, it will light the sides of the road too much, not allowing you to see far ahead.  Also, traffic signs will be so bright, that they will completely blind you. Since you are in less populated areas, there is also an increased risk of deer and other animals crossing the road in front of you. In order to fully illuminate these hazards, look for off road LED lights that have a focused beam, with side spill to give you peripheral vision. LED light bars inherently have side spill, and will light up the sides of the road as well.  A 30 degree wide beam, although strictly speaking a spot light, is too wide.  Look for a 10 degree beam hotspot or less for good on road usage. [caption id="attachment_13372" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Sirius3 120W LED Light Bar, 14400 Lumen, Spot Beam 120W Light bar with a 10 degree hotspot.[/caption] Our Sirius3 Light Bar range, has a 10 degree hotspot, with ample side spill.  


On a recent trip to the Canton Fair in China, we inspected 15 different Light Bar Manufacturer's products.  Out of all of them, only 2 manufacturers passed our very critical visual inspection.  We identified shortcuts in the manufacturing processes taken with the other 13!  This was done with the naked eye, you only need to know where to look.  The technical specifications of all these manufacturers were identical.  Quite a challenge if you buy online from a supplier you are unfamiliar with. The two biggest problems experienced locally is waterproofing, and brackets breaking from vibration. ALWAYS buy from a reputable, well-reviewed brand that has a history of quality products and after sales service. Our Sirius3 LED Light Bar range has been sold for more than 12 months and has not had a single light failure or waterproofing yet.  They are also backed by a 5 year warranty.


Customer reviews are the most powerful tool consumers have today when searching for any kind of product, and LED off road light bars are no exception. In order to find the best LED off road lights, it is important to read through a few of these reviews. There, you can gain valuable, unbiased insight on how the light actually performs. If you are able to find a video review of the light, you may even have the chance to see it in use. This type of information is extremely helpful for narrowing down your search.


If given the choice between buying one really large light bar or two smaller ones, you may want to consider buying the two smaller ones. One reason for this is that it allows you to angle the lights in slightly different directions, allowing for maximum illumination. Also, many people prefer the way having more than one light bar makes their vehicle look and like the options it gives them in their mounting arrangement. Whether or not to mount multiple lights is really a matter of personal preference, but it is an option to keep in mind when looking for the best LED off road lights.


A descent light bar should last as long as your vehicle and give you excellent service.  Make an informed decision - buy right and buy once.