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5 Things to look at when buying a Cycle Light

When you decide to buy your first Cycle Light there are a couple of things to look at to make sure you buy the right light for your needs.  Here are 5 things to look at when making your decision.

Endurance Cycle Light

1. Fit This is the first thing to check, especially if you have a non-standard frame diameter. A wobbly light is of no use to you when you are on the trails or road. Make sure that the clamp is adjustable to the size you need and that the light make has more than one option to fit the light to your handlebar.  You don’t want to you lose your Cycle Light on the first hectic trail you hit. Endurance Cycle Light

2. Power & Beam Type The second important thing to look at is power, i.e. Lumen. The higher Lumen output lights are not always the best for your application. When you go out to buy your Cycle Light remember to say what type of cycling you do, there is a Cycle Light for every type of Cycling.  A higher output light with a wider spread and a stronger battery for instance is better for Mountain biking or Single Tracks.  So don’t be afraid to ask. Core Cycle Light

3. Battery Life You will need a battery that give you enough run time for your longest rides, and you need to know when an extra battery pack is worth the investment. Check if the battery has an indicator that more or less gives you an idea about how much battery life you have left.  No-one likes being left out in the dark. Endurance Cycle Light

4. Controls Make sure the Cycle Light you are looking at have convenient controls. You don’t want to be left in the dark while going through the different modes or have a sudden burst of strobe while going down a Single Track descent. Endurance Cycle Light

5. Reliability When you are on a single track at night, in a light rain you don’t want your light to fail on you. Best practice when looking for a reliable Cycle Light is to read up on reviews and look at established Cycle Light Companies.  These companies will be able to answer all your questions before and after the purchase of your Cycle Light. All in all buying a new Cycle Light should be a fun experience.  Enjoy buying your new Cycle Light for the upcoming Cycling Season!   Sourced & Adapted from Bike Radar