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6 Benefits of cycling during winter.

6 Benefits and reasons why you should cycle during winter.

The many benefits of cycling straight through to spring in a nutshell:
  1. You’ll get stronger. Riding long steady sessions for several weeks over the winter will increase the size & number of your energy-producing mitochondria, not to mention you’re wearing heavier clothes and carrying more gear, which helps with muscle endurance over time.
  2. You get tougher. 100% bragging rights about braving the winter chill, you’ll also be legitimately tougher in the face of bad weather and come spring you’ll be comfortable with the chilly morning air, while your still-hibernating buddies will shiver.
  3. You incinerate calories. When the temperature falls, your metabolism rises to keep you warm and you burn more calories.
  4. You’re less likely to get sick. Regular exercisers are about half as likely to get sick. You also earn bonus health points for being out in the fresh air and away from snug closed-off germ-infested environments this time of year.
  5. You’ll find peace and solitude. You will have a front row seat to Mother Nature’s most beautiful displays of glittering morning frost, misty fields, and pastel clear skies. Maybe not surprisingly, you’re also less likely to succumb to winter blues.
  6. You look at cycling in a new light. The beauty of winter riding is, it forces a bit of creativity. You might find yourself riding circuits through the industrial park, clover leafing around the outskirts of your neighborhood, or riding town parts.
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