A New Motorbike Light Is Coming Soon…

A new motorbike light coming soon!

11 Jan 2018:  Read the update First Sample Received

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had a number of different motorbike lights.  The motorbike lights ranged between 10W & 30W, roughly 1000 to 3000 lumen.  The high-performance lights, combined with exposure to the harsh South African elements, including the corrugated dirt road surfaces that our adventurers like so much, have had their durability challenges.

Taking the past four years’ experiences into account, we decided to invest in the development of an entirely new range of motorbike lights, from the ground up!

We’ve recently received our first sets of PCBs, with the required functionality built in.  They’re currently undergoing testing with our partner CANBUS specialists, based in Somerset West.  These tests include CANBUS compatibility, the ability to dim, thermal regulation, to mention but a few.  Aesthetics and mounting options will come later.  We’ll probably pair it with a complete relay wiring harness, which should make mounting and connecting the wiring super easy.

Once completed, these motorbike lights will be 100% built for South African road conditions.  Rated at 30W each, with a combination SPOT and FLOOD beam pattern, these lights will have you see far down the road for those ‘lekker’ dirt road adventures, you’ll also have enough light to see next to the road.

We hope to launch these lights December 2017, right in time for the holidays.

Have your say in the development of these lights.

What do you see as the most important feature that a motorcycle light should have?  Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

If you are an enthusiastic rider or have experience in designing/mounting lights and brackets, we’d love to hear from you!


  • Great news. Integration to the CANBUS would be awesome.
    I’ve noticed many spot lights mounted too close to indicators causing others not to see the indicator. It would be great to have the spot light turn off on the side of the indicator that is flashing. I think the ezCan does do a lot of these kind of functions, so I guess it’s not pivotal that your light include these functions as the canbus tech is very bike specific.
    But most important for me is the durability. So thank you for relooking at your designs for durability sake. These bikes take a beating on some of our rough jeep tracks.


  • Baie dankie vir die geleentheid om inset te lewer vir nuwe motorfiets ligte. Ek het in die verlede al die modelle gehad wat julle beskikbaar gehad het. Die kleiner ( 10w ) uitset ligte was goed genoeg vir normale gebruik ( nie lang pad of grondpad gebruik nie ) Die groter ligte was uitstekend behalwe dat wanneer grondpad gery word dit nie gehou het nie en ook was dit nie waterdig nie. Selfs die “brackets “het afgeskud as pad baie stamperig was. As ek kon kies sou ek die sterkte ( dalk bietjie meer ) wou hê maar meer robuust en ook 100% waterdig. Dit is veral op grondpad waar die ligte tot sy reg kom en as dit die “punishment “kan vat sal ek beslis weer daarvan koop. Tans het ek geen add ligte op my fietse ( 4 ) nie weens bg probleme.

    Ek hoop regtig julle slaag daarin om iets wat spesifiek vir die SA mark geskik is te kan maak. Julle motor en fiets ligte is uitstekend.

    D. Briedenhann
  • Great to be build in SA. Well done! Make it to use very little power. The smaller Dual Sport bikes` available electrical power is limited. I have seen these lights destroy motorcycle batteries very quickly. Today some DS riders have all kinds of appliances requiring power from the system e.g. cell phone charger, gps, power for cameras and very important visibility lights.

    Make them dimmable, proper mounts, ability to withstand extreme vibration and weather conditions.

    Rouvierre Davis
  • Good Morning, I have installed a set of your 10W spots (not switched) and a set of your 30W spots (switched) on my R1200 BMW. The 10W are installed low for mist and day riding lights, the 30W are head light height for additional light as I ride a rural tar road in the dark every morning. Winter temps drop to -6 Deg C and summer temps in Botswana (Road Trip) can reach 40 Deg C. My one 30W spot has lost lumens after 4 years of daily use. I prefer the two separate Wattage range of spots, you made a combination 10/30W at one stage which to me was impractical as the fog lights must be installed low. I am looking for another set of robust “brights” to improve distant illumination. I have been commuting by bike for the last 19 years and have tried many thing to improve visibility and being visible, the above seems to work for me. When traffic volumes are high in the day, I also switch my 30W spots on to increase me being visible. Regards Reg King

    Reg King

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