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Acebeam X80 LED Flashlight Review

AceBeam X80 LED Flashlight Review

First a few photos as a pre-taste. I'm extremely impressed by the light output. Everyone, to whom I have shown the lamp so far's, mouths remain opened. The beamshots outside, surpassed all my expectations. The recording settings were still too dark. The scope of delivery (the batteries are already in the lamp) Technical data: The protective film should be removed from the glass before first use. An armada of LEDs In the middle LEDs for red, blue, green light and central UV Many LEDs generates a lot of heat, the temperature-dependent pressure or vacuum is presumably caused to escape through this ventilation opening. This warning is to be taken seriously.




On the one hand, the switch is almost flush and therefore can not be found immediately, for example with gloves. On the opposite side, a thread is inserted into which a retaining eye is screwed, as there are no openings in the tailcap for a snare cord (lanyard). Thanks to the thread, the X80 can also be mounted on a tripod. Tailcap without lanyard openings.

A qualitatively satisfactory holster is included in the lamp 4 protected high-performance batteries are also included in the Beamshots. As you can see, a flooded floodlight.


The UV-light and the ultra-low-level cannot be shown satisfactorily at outdoor distances, so we have partly refrained from them. In addition, the photos are too dark, one must imagine the lamp in reality even brighter. Conclusion: +++ kinky light output + very bright colored light + UV + high quality finish + high-performance batteries included + pure white light color of the main LEDs + for it's high power and very small design – User Interface (colored light in the normal switching order) The price for this high-end lamp is reasonable to fair.





The X80 is only operated by the side button. The lamp can be started directly in the lower (80 lumens) or the turbo (11000 lumens). For the lower start, the button must be pressed for approx. 1 second. Double-click the lamp in the turbo (11000 lumens). Double-click super-turbo (25000 lumens).

In addition, you can start the lamp with a simple short press on the button in the last selected light (except turbo). The sequence at this start is then Low – Med – High – Red – Green – Blue – UV Light, These modes are switched on by pressing and holding the button.

The lamp has a Memory function – That is, when I turn off the lamp in red, then the lamp starts with a short press on the side button with red. Then I press the button again and hold it tight, then the next lamp is green. Then it goes then stop with Blue, UV, Low, Med High further.

What I do not like so much – If you start the lamp by pressing and holding down the button in the lower one, the lamp will switch to the last selected light level or color.

So again understandable. I switch the lamp in green for example. At the next start, I select Lower by pressing and holding down the button. If I press the button longer and hold, the next stage is green again. I would have found it better if then Low, Med, and High came afterward.

Lock mode – When the lamp is off, you can press the button for a long time (approx. 2-3 seconds). The lamp then flashes twice. The lamp is also released by pressing the button for approx. 2-3 seconds. Lamp blinks twice and remains on.

Review by Tyler - www.tutureview.com.