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Bicycling May/June 2016 Endurance Cycle Light Review

Oli Munnik, the Tech Editor at Bicycling magazine took the Endurance Cycle Light for a spin.  This is what he had to say about it: 

Replacing the popular XP3, the Endurance Cycle Light boasts improved run times and a brighter beam across all modes.

A GREAT ALL-ROUNDER  What do you want from a bike light?  We want something easy to install, and to swap between bikes; it should offer a powerful boost mode, and an efficient low mode for when you don’t need crystal-clear vision (when climbing, say), as well as a cable that isn’t clumsily long.  Our tests show that Extreme Light’s new Endurance Cycle Light ticks all these boxes, making it a serious contender if you’re looking to buy a new light this winter. AT HOME- AND OFF-ROAD  Without getting bogged down by all the technical specifications, what Bicycling found was the Endurance Cycle Light’s 2 100 lumens worked their magic both on- and off-road, and thrived on open gravel and jeep track.  It was slightly under gunned on rocky, techy singletrack, but then again it isn’t designed specifically for that.  We spent most of our time in low and high modes – which made sense, after Charl du Plessis, Extreme Lights Director, explained to us that brightness in both modes has been improved relative to the Endurance’s predecessor, the XP3.

What you need to know:

  • Four modes are easy to toggle through and provide a useful gradient of Beam Strength
  • 254 Metres of Beam reach in boost mode proved well suited to both off- and on-road Cycling
  • Impressive battery life makes it ideal for 24-Hour events
  • If your night rides involve Extreme Singletrack, it’s better to opt for something more powerful, like Extreme Lights’ XP7
  • Bicycling really schmaaked the Quick-Release Handlebar Clamp, which is tool-free and easy to adjust to different handlebar widths and frame designs
Check out the Endurance Cycle Light here.