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Bidding Open for the ALFA Prototype Motorcycle Lights

During 2015 we started with development of our motorcycle lights. We approached two manufactures with concepts and developed two different products. We looked at what was on offer from top international brands and set out to design a product that would not just match them but beat them in every way. We ended with two models which we then evaluated. They sent us final production models and pricing for mass production. We got a little carried away with the ALFA Prototype because the manufacture has a long history of producing military standard lights with life time warranties.  The end result was spectacular but sadly it came with a price tag that we later realized will not have a good uptake in the South African market. End 2015 it would have to retail for over R15,000 a set. We are glad we made that call because with the rand plummeting it shot up to well over R20,000 a set. At the end the HI3 won because its performance was very good in comparison and at a much more affordable price point.  

Name HI3 ALFA Prototype Halogen head light on bright
Power usages 30W each 45W each 110W
Lumen( Mustered output) 3000 Lumen 4200 Lumen 2400 Lumen
Lux reading at 2m 7,000 lux 30,000 Lux 500 Lux
Beam distanced FL-1 339m 692m 89m
Temperature protection All led monitored for  Overheating (light will gradually dim to reduce heat. Real time temperature montering of each LED. Power management for optimal brightness N/A
Standards Waterproofing:  IP67 (1 meter) , civilian standard (ANSI Z87.1 – 2010) Waterproofing:  IP68 (+10 meter), Military impact military standard (MIL-PRF-31013) N/A
Recommended retail price R4000 for set R20,000 for set

Both the HI3 and the ALFA Prototype has 3 modes which can be configured when installing. It can just be high mode or it can follow the high low beams. It also has a flash mode which can be enabled by using a dual switch. The ALFA Prototype set( this is a pair) is not being used and you can stand a chance to be the only person in the world to own a set.  All of these manufacture products usually comes with a life time warranty so quality is not a concern. If you are interested go to BIDORBUY and place your bid. BIDORBUY The pair comes in an aluminium box with male and female plugs. IMG_0624 IMG_0627 IMG_9298_1 

Testing the ALFA Prototype motorcycle light Real time temperature montering with No Air Flow.