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Extreme Lights 70W Night Raider Spots vs. 60W Super Spots Comparison

Know the difference between our 70W Night Raider & 60W Super Spotlights 


Buying a set of Spots can be quite a daunting decision unless you know exactly what you want. There are 4 key decision points to consider when making your buying decision: Price, beam patterns, lumen and use.

1. Price range 

Our popular 70W Night Raiders are of a higher price point, going at R 6700 per set, where the 60W Super Spots are easier on the wallet at R 3990 a set.

2. Beam patterns 

70W Night Raider 

An LED spotlight that is truly a SPOT light! With a beam pattern of ONLY 7 degrees, the 70W Night Raider has a narrow beam pattern, with ample side spill, that will help you see animals and people walking next to the road. It also boasts a 400m beam distance.

60W Super Spot 

The 60W Super Spots are by far our best performing long-distance Spotlights.  With a super narrow pencil beam, they light up the road in the distance and do not over illuminate the sides of the road close to the vehicle. 


3. Lumen 

The 70W Night Raiders boast with a 6300 Lumen output and the 60W Super Spots are rated at 4800 Lumen.  

4. Mainly Used For

The 70W Night Raider, with its combination spotlight, is mainly used in situations where you would like to have maximum visibility in and next to the road. It is great for added on-road and off-road safety, where there may be people and/or animals in or on the side of the road.

The 60W Super Spots are used when you're driving faster longer stretches of road at night where you want the focused spot far ahead in the distance. 

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