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Extreme Lights Partners with 36ONE MTB Challenge

Extreme Lights Partners with 36ONE MTB Challenge

The 36ONE MTB Challenge is not only the longest single stage mountain bike race in the country but it is also one which places an extraordinary burden on rider’s equipment, especially their lights. Which is why Dryland Event Management has partnered with industry leaders, Extreme Lights to light up your 36ONE MTB Challenge adventures for 2018 and beyond.

Unlike most ultra-endurance events the 36ONE starts as the sun sets, at 18:00, on an autumn evening in the Klein Karoo. This means that every rider regardless of their finishing time rides throughout the first night of the race, and many of the slower riders finish in over twenty-four hours – once the sun has set again. Because of this, every rider needs a light which can illuminate the road ahead for more than twelve hours.

Henco Rademeyer, director of Dryland Event Management:

“We’re proud to have partnered with Extreme Lights for the 36ONE MTB Challenge as Dryland is always looking to innovate in order to improve the event experience of our riders. Through long experience at the 36ONE we have learnt that Extreme Lights’ products are up to the challenge of illuminating the gravel roads of the Klein Karoo throughout the night during the ultimate race.”

Extreme Lights are also excited by the new partnership as the directory, Charl du Plessis explains:

“For years Extreme Lights have been lighting up the trails for most of the 36ONE riders and we love being the official light partner for the 2018 event and going forward. We look forward to not only brightening up the event but adding to the already booming energy levels by providing expert assistance and service for all light related matters. Our favourite light for #theultimaterace? The Ultimate+ Cycle Light, without a doubt!”

Entrants to the 36ONE will not only receive technical support from Extreme Lights at the event they will also be able to tap into their extensive knowledge base on how to prepare for night riding, and best of all they will be able to buy all Extreme Lights products at a discounted rate.

Extreme Lights recommend

For a complex event like the 36ONE, Extreme Lights recommend a combination of either their Ultimate + or Endurance + cycle lights, along with a Phoenix or Two Eyes tail lights. Both of these primary lights have a run time of 10 hours (on medium beam) and 40 hours (on low beam) and will provide ample light for climbing or flat jeep track while in the low beam mode. While switching them briefly to medium or even boost mode will not drain the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Riders who expect they will be riding into the sunset for a second time during the 36ONE Extreme Lights suggest a second battery for additional peace of mind. This can be packed into the Check Point Three box and attached to the bike at Calitzdorp. Though most riders are unlikely to need a large capacity second battery the security of starting the race with a large capacity cell can be reassuring in which case Extreme Lights recommend purchasing a 6 800mAh spare battery and using the 5 200mAh battery with which the light was sold as a spare, or alternatively purchasing the smaller and lighter 4 400mAh Extreme Lights battery as an auxiliary battery.

Another handy product for ultra-endurance riders, which Extreme Lights offer, is the Powerbank USB Adapter for Cycle Light Batteries. Once the sun has risen riders can plug the adapter into their cycle light’s battery and then charge their phone or GPS cycle computer via their standard USB cables.

Entries to the 2018 36ONE MTB Challenge, which takes place from the 20th to the 22nd of April and to find out more about the event please visit www.the36one.co.za. To find out more about Extreme Lights and to view all their products visit www.extremelights.co.za.

Press Release by Seamus Allardice

Photo Credits: Oakpics.com