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Extreme Lights Support The Choc Cows 2014

The Choc Cows bring light to kids that need it. With that in mind we are proud to support them and have joined up to promote their fundraising efforts.  The Choc Cows are a group of friends on a mission to change the world, one paddock at a time. Armed with the slogan "Love Living Life" they aim to raise funds for cancer related charities for the purpose of delivering projects for these charities. Extreme Lights has sponsored  10 lights this year  to be used for fundraising and what ever The Choc Cows crew deems fit. WHAT IS CHOC? CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA has for 33 years stood together to support children with cancer and their families. Childhood cancers and blood disorders affect 1 in 600 children under the age of 16. Childhood cancer is a reality; it does not discriminate; does not care where you live; does not care about your bank balance or the colour of your skin. CHOC keeps hope alive for all children in South Africa as they know that children are our future. CHOC uses the funds raised by the Cows to fund certain projects. The projects that have been selected for 2013 are:
  • Support for the CHOC Bergvliet House - bone-marrow transplant patients are housed at the Bergvliet House for up to nine months because of the risk of infection. A portion of the funds raised will be used to support this house.
  • Support for the new CHOC House in East London – Funds from the 2012 Stampede were used to build a house where children and their parents can stay during their treatment periods. A portion of the funds raised in 2013 will be used to support this house.
  • Psycho-social services support - Social work support to the children affected by cancer in Johannesburg, East London and Bloemfontein