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Fitting of Extreme Lights Night Raiders to a Landy

Ian Theron, Technical Editor of LandRover Africa Magazine, recently contacted us with a problem.  He needed aftermarket lights for his Landy for the BF Goodrich Night Challenge.  His feedback follows... Oh by the way, the Extreme Night Raiders are now available.  More info here.

BF Goodrich Night Challenge

The BF Goodrich Night Challenge is an annual event with 40 4x4 teams contesting from sunset to sunrise with tough obstacles to test your wits and skills. Contestants mostly rely on their GPS knowledge to negotiate between different points from the Cape Peninsula to somewhere in the mountains of the Karoo.

The coordinates takes you to places where no man has ever been before and at different points marshals will be waiting for you to test your skills from map reading, welding, shooting with ketties, reversing down slopes, canoeing and some extreme off road driving.

I knew with all this in mind, one thing I was going to need is a good pair of lights. My Defender is not known for its lighting and just to see the other side of a robot is asking a bit much. This is where the Team from Extreme Lights came to the rescue with a set of 70W Night Raider LED spots each with seven individual LEDs.

The Defender with his old Spot Lights on

The Saturday morning before the event I spent my time attaching the spots to the Landy. It is like buying parts from America with all the little screws and brackets supplied.

Fitting the new Oversized brackets to the bumper.

I just loved the sturdy double bracket with proper setting screws for alignment. The spots are also not so huge that it looks out of place, should fit in perfectly with a more modern looking vehicle.

Fitting the Night Raiders to their brackets

The new Night Raider Spots!

The real test came that night when we left the city lights behind us and although I had an idea what to expect it still came as a shock when we lit up the world in front of us for at least half a kilometer.

Night Raiders Beam Shot

This new technology is absolutely amazing. At our first checkpoint somewhere in the forest the marshal was so impressed he wanted to keep me at his obstacle. We could never get use to the awesome light that these spots created throughout the night it turned our night challenge into a day time event.

Night Raiders Beam Shot

What I really liked about the lights is the compact size and sturdiness. They look amazing and other than normal spots they have seven individual lights that resemble a shiny bubble wrap. I can’t wait for my next event (at night obviously).

The new Night Raider Spots!