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FullSus May 2016 Extreme Lights Endurance Cycle Light Review

Shayne Dowling, the Editor at FullSus Publication took our Endurance Cycle Light for a test ride.  This is what he thought about it: 

Local is lekker!

A bit of a cliche but sentiment aside, the local Extreme Lights products are really good.  No, they aren't made here but the guys at Extreme Lights work closely with their manufacturers and continue to develop lights for us locals.  They continue to expand and develop their range not only of lights but the battery packs, clamps, and accessories to improve functionality, practicality, and performance.  The proof is in the pudding (sorry...) and the latest Endurance Cycle Light sure doesn't disappoint. Let's start with practical things like the battery pack: it is small but holds a charge for ages, it comes in a neoprene protective pouch that has a stretchy Velcro strap that allows you to attach it to pretty much anywhere on your bike.  The cord is really short now and makes for a neat attachment to the light.  There are extension leads and helmet mounts available if you prefer to use the light on your lid.  I love the new quick-release bar clamp, it is easy to mount and ensures the light is stable at all times and is easily swiveled left and right on the fly should you need to make minor adjustments. The light itself is incredibly small, the housing is neat and looks good, it uses 3 Cree LED's that throw a powerful white light.  This little big guy puts out an incredible 2100 Lumen in Boost mode, 750L on high and 200L in low.  I mostly switched between high and boost and never hit red on the battery indicator; on rides between two and three hours long.  I predominantly required boost mode lighting when trail riding.  Extreme Lights have been my go-to handlebar light for years now because they are simple to use, have never let me down, are great value for money and are tough to beat when it comes to their light/beam clarity and strength.