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Gear Review: WUBEN TO46R Flashlight

On the Trails with the WUBEN TO46R

The aluminium body of the TO46R flashlight provides a first impression of a hardy torch which should withstand years of outdoor use. The neatly recessed Carclo optic lens adds to that impression by protecting the 3 CREE XP-G3 LED blubs from damage. WUBEN state that the TO46R has a maximum output of 1 300 lumens and can cast its broad beam to an impressive 135m. At its highest output the 2 600mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery will last for 1.7 hours and at its lowest, 7 lumen output, it’ll run for a massive 125 hours. Realistically most users will probably toggle between the 200 lumen medium (7 hours runtime) and 38 lumen (56 hours runtime) settings.


From an ease of use point of view the TO46R is fantastic. The micro-USB charging port is housed behind a thick rubber plug and it is chargeable via a computer, power bank or using a cell phone charger adapter. The on/off switches are located on the other side of the flashlight from the charging port and feature a “W” and the standard power icon. The “W” button is located further forward and when held down it delivers a brilliantly bright 1 300 lumen strobe. The on/off switch turns the WUBEN TO46R on in the lowest “Moon” power output mode, but pressing and holding down the switch again boosts the output straight up to the full 1 300 lumen “Turbo” setting. To toggle through the 5 other settings, once the torch is on, press the “W” button.


Handily it is also designed to stand on its tail; which when combined with its wide beam allows the TO46R to illuminate a small campsite, especially one under a canopy of trees. Out on the trails, the WUBEN TO46R is perfect for mid-night hiking or camping. Its ultra wide beam illuminates not just the trail ahead but also the surrounding vegetation. In realistic real-world applications, it will help you pick out owls, porcupines and all manner of other nocturnal critters on hikes through the night.



The WUBEN TO46R Flashlight is a USB rechargeable, 3 CREE XP-G3 90 CRI LED flashlight; designed to cast a broad beam, making it perfect for hiking and camping.

Gear Review by: Seamus Allardice | Diverge