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go! Drive & Camp Magazine Jan 2018 Vega XL Spotlights Fitment

go! Drive & Camp Magazine January 2018 Vega XL Spotlights Fitment in their 'Bakkie Project'

Text & Photos by Schalk Jonker

The Better To See You With - Our Bakkie Project is still going strong, and this month we give the BT-50 a set of spotlights.

Our long-term test vehicle, a brand new Mazda BT-50 3.2 4X4 SLE bakkie (double cab, automatic), is becoming more and more off-road ready with each passing month. We've already kitted it out with a set of BF Goodrich T/A tyres, a steel rear bumper, bullbar, winch, underbody protection plate, sidesteps and an aluminium canopy. And now it's time for spotlights. 

Look where you're going!

You didn't buy your 4X4 to drive around in town and on the highways. If that was the case, the standard headlights would have been more than sufficient. 

But where you want to drive there are no street lights. And that's why you need a proper set of spotlights for your 4X4.

We chatted to Charl du Plessis of Extreme Lights in Stellenbosch and asked him to recommend the best option for the BT-50. Charl suggested the 30W Vega XL LED spotlights and says there are three advantages to this choice. 

Firstly, the Vega XL throws a concentrated beam, which means you can see farther down the road. Secondly, there's a strip of smaller LED lights in each spotlight that functions as daytime running lights. The improve visibility during the day, making you safer on the road. Thirdly, and let's be honest, it looks cool and it gives your 4X4 additional attitude. 

The Vega XL is also good value for money. In terms of specs and quality, it holds its own against the much more expensive models on the market, but you don't have to take out a second bond on your house to pay for it. 

To the wire. 

Charl recommended that we have the spotlights installed by an accredited auto-electrician and referred us to Marius Swart at EPR 4X4 Off Road Centre.

You might think you can do the installation yourself, but if you have it done by a professional the advantages are twofold. You do it once and it's done and it won't void the warranty on your vehicle. 

It's a complicated process to connect the lights to your vehicle's electrical system and the wiring practically needs to be done from scratch. So prepare yourself to wait at least a day or two for your car. It's totally worth the wait though. 

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