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Help us make a Live Map for Jonkershoek

There are some maps available for the Jonkershoek area, however none to my knowledge, are live maps. We need your help to get the first live map for Jonkershoek at the gate. At this stage the map at the gate is not very clear and does not show many of the trails. So, as a test we plan to map all the routes in Jonkershoek and make a big map of them. Then we will put this up at the gate for everybody to use, perhaps with a few copies for people to take too. We plan to make it live by placing a QR code which links to the different routes for each . All you do is scan the code and import the  file onto your phone using Google earth or My tracks etc. This is a test project and we will need your help to get more of the unexplored trails. If we get the local support we can do this for other areas too. If you would like to contribute just email your activities to support@extremelights.co.za. If you are using Strava or Endemodo  you can export all your activities, however we would prefer if the format of your activity is gpx. For Endemodo you will need to export each activity yourself.  Here is how to Bulk Activity Export For Strava:
"It’s a tedious exercise to download all of your activity data from Strava, as you have to visit then export each activity individually to export them all. To make it easier to access your data we’ve added a new bulk export feature. Found on your Settings page in the lower-right corner,“Download your data” converts all of your Strava activities to GPX format and delivers them as a single zip file. Once the conversion and compression is finished you’ll receive an email with a link to your file. The file can take several minutes to generate depending on how many activities you have." 
Please note that we will remove any personal data from the activities. Here is draft example of what we have in mind, we are aiming to add a great deal more information. *this EXAMPLE is of Banghoek.