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Hilux fails handling test: Here’s how 5 rival bakkies fared – Wheels24

HANDLING FAIL: The Toyota Hilux, despite being South Africa’s bakkie king, fared poorly in a handling test, at least according to viral video.

Charlen Raymond

Cape Town – In late October 2016, Wheels24 reported on a video showing a Toyota Hilux failing a handling test (Moose Test).In the video, created by Swedish motoring publication Teknikens Värld, the Hilux can be seen traveling at 60km/h as a test driver attempts to navigate a ‘Moose Test”.Wheels24 readers shared some of their bakkie stories but more on their responses later in this article.

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The Hilux can be seen nearly tipping over as the driver attempts to avoid traffic cones.

The Moose Test is performed at the bakkie’s maximum load capacity with the Toyota Hilux having highest capacity among the tested vehicles (1002kg). For the test however, it was loaded with only 830kg (including the driver and four passengers).

Toyota responds

Wheels24 contacted Toyota for response:

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) said: “At Toyota, the safety and security of our customers remains our number one priority.

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“Toyota takes the report published by the Swedish automobile magazine, Teknikens Värld, on this emergency-avoidance test seriously and we are currently in discussions with the publication to find out additional details about the test.

“Toyota applies its own strict safety standards to all our products and Hilux meets these standards. Nonetheless, to further ensure the safety and security of our customers, we will conduct a thorough analysis of their test and quickly determine our response.”

Click on the above gif to below to view the full video:

In response to the clip, TMC said it was “surprised” by the test result that the automaker takes the evaluation “very seriously”.

What about rival bakkies?

What about rival bakkies? Well, the guys at  Teknikens Värld subjected a 6 of the Hilux’s rivals to the same test.

Here’s how the Toyota’s competitors fared:

1 Ford Ranger

The Ranger is more composed than the Hilux though at the end of the slalom the bakkie loses its tail. Fortunately for Ford, the Ranger does not look too unstable. The facelifted Ranger was launched in 2015.

2 Isuzu KB

In South Africa, the Isuzu KB trails behind Hilux and Ranger in terms of sales but according to this video, it’s one of the best handling bakkies. The bakkie looks composed and stable throughout the test. The KB received a facelift earlier in 2016.

3 Nissan Navara

Apart from the right front wheel lifting off, the Navara remains largely composed. The new Nissan Navara will be launched in SA in 2017.

4 Volkswagen Amarok

Going through the test at 68km/h, the VW Amarok is by far the most composed of the bakkies tested. It changes direction effortlessly and all four wheels remain on track.

5 Mitsubishi Triton

Apart from a single lift of the right front wheel, the Triton shows minimal body-roll and steering seems responsive. The new Triton will arrive in SA in 2017.

6 Dodge Ram

The Ram, not sold in South Africa, appears to be handling quite well for its size. This bulky American bakkie is biggest and heaviest of all the bakkies on test but passes the test with flying colours.

Readers’ respond

Wolfi Hlasek: The Fortuner suffers from the same atrocious handling quality. It is a known fact that Toyota is mediocre compared to most other manufacturers.

Morne Zeelie: I am driving a 2012 Mazda BT50, D/C. As soon as the vehicle goes over any kind of bad patch in the road it starts swerving all over the road to such and extend that it feels like I am going to loose total control of the vehicle. (at a speed of 60km+). Any feedback/suggestions will be appreciated…

Andy Anderson from Ghana: I think that, in the case of the Toyota Hilux, its more of the driver’s fault rather than the vehicle. You can see clearly that the driver drove in deeper and in the process hitting the traffic cones before turning. Kindly watch the videos carefully.

Etienne De Beer: I had a 2006 Fortuner 4.0 petrol 4×4 and experienced bad handling to the extent that it flipped over (rolled) at approximately 60km/h on a smooth gravel road. It seemed unbelievable and of course Toyota vehemently denied any problems. Reports of many similar incidents were circulating but nothing ever came from it except for discontinuing this specific model shortly thereafter.

Ramtau Malatji: I can not agree more to the picture of the Hilux as shown on the article. I’m the owner of a Toyota Hilux Dakar and my safety is always at risk as it struggles to turn. It turns effectively at 40km/h. I think Toyota must do something about this. Thanks for identifying the problem too.

Nile McGaffin: If that is a response from Toyota SA then I don’t know. That was no response, that was ducking and diving.

Envil ‘Amarok’ Botha: The Quantum also turns like that. I know a few people who overturned and lost their kombis like that

Source:  www.wheels24.co.za

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