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LED headlight Replacement Bulbs/upgrading kit.

Elite Series LED Replacement Bulbs

Elite Series LED Replacement Bulbs

A couple of interesting facts and technical specifications written by James Sander, about our LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs.

LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs (H4, H7, HB3(9005), HB4(9006)) for the conversion of your existing auto headlights to efficient and bright LED lights.

Based on the latest LED bulb technology (XHP50 chips), this system is designed with efficiency, style and exceptional safety in mind. These high performance replacement bulbs are the perfect blend of automobile safety and style to replace the OEM(Original Equipment manufacturer) halogen bulbs in your car or 4×4.

With drivers spending all the more time on the road at night, poor visibility conditions can make driving a dangerous experience, making LED headlights an important car upgrade for you and your family’s safety. Clear vision is a vital factor in reducing the number of accidents at night or in poor visibility/weather.

LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs will provide peace of mind and enhance vehicle safety by improving driver vision by up to 20m(5 car lengths), with up to 50% more light coverage on the road. Along with enhanced vision, you will have greater peripheral vision and improved reflection of road markings and signs than conventional halogen lights. The result is quicker reaction time and visual clarity for you to deal with potentially dangerous situations.

LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs are not only brighter than halogen lights, they are also extremely durable, with a lifespan of 50 000 hours-as they withstand a greater amount of vibration and shock from the road, as there is no filament.

Plug and play fitment is straight forward with no special tools required. These superb replacement bulbs fit directly into the factory headlight casing. Changing your car or 4×4’s bulbs will only take minutes, and in return will give increased safety for driver and passengers alike.

We stock H4, H7, HB3(9005) and HB4(9006) LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs that come with slim line ballasts that are easily fitted and IP68 water resistant, so there is no need to worry about your lights if it is raining or your 4×4 goes through a mud hole.

Another positive point along with all the rest is that a human’s eye adjusts and reacts best to a colour temperature of 6000K(Kelvin), thus the pure white light of the 6000k LED replacement bulbs will cause less strain on your eyes while driving long distances at night.

At a glance:

The LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs sport enhanced safety via superior lighting (up to 3x brighter than OEM halogen lights).

Extremely durable build with a long lifespan, up to 10 times the life of standard halogen bulbs.

Simple plug and play installation and replacement project for improving your vehicle.

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