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LED Light bar (120w) success story closer to home

Christiaan Potgieter a very enthusiastic 4x4 guy told us about his 120w LED Light Bar success story closer to home.

One night he was browsing the internet for 4x4 accessories. He wanted too find more information on the LED Light Bars that everyone is raving about.  He was actually browsing on international websites and the search itself was a challenge. People struggle to get the required information one needs.

Christiaan Potgieter then came across a Facebook and webpage closer to home in the form of Extreme Lights, a Stellenbosch company specializing in quality LED lights which very much includes LED Light Bars to mention a few. “I was going to buy one for myself because of the ratings and reviews but didn’t have to as I got one from a friend as a gift”. Christiaan got nothing less than a 120w 10800 Lumen light Bar. He then had to face the next challenge. How to fit it to his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser. LaSport Garden Route was up to the task and he spoke to Magda and her husband.

They quickly installed the LED Light Bar and told Christiaan that that was one of the easiest installations they have done to date! The wiring runs down and along the bull bar and is connected to the dim/bright headlight switch as well as an extra switch whereby one can disconnect it completely if necessary. Now that everything was fitted and ready to go it was time to take some photos of his pride and joy and to test the LED Light Bar. Christiaan said after using the LED Light Bar that he is encouraging this friends to fit this same.

The LED Light Bar is perfect and is definitely one of the best investment he has made. When Extreme Lights chatted to Christiaan about his LED Light Bar he had this to say “the performance is wonderful!  To tell you the truth, there is not much to compare it to, I like the fact that it gives a wide angel beam to the side of the road which makes it a 100 times safer to drive at night!” Here are some beam shots Christiaan took and sent to us Look at the first one with “normal headlights on” you can’t see anything to the sides not to mention the side barrier nor the trees on the other side.   Now look at this improvement with the LED Light Bar “Note the detail on the sides especially the trees and the side barrier, you can even see the oncoming signage from a couple of hundred meters away. You won’t miss your off-ramp when you leave early the next time for you family holiday. For more beam shots on the LED Light Bars click here