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LED Replacement Bulb FAQS

LED Replacement Bulbs are the easiest upgrade to your existing lights, making the biggest impact.  On top of that, they are relatively easy to fit, and fit most vehicles.  Following are some Frequently Asked Questions FAQS.


Frequently Asked Questions

What model bulbs does my vehicle take?

It is best to consult your Vehicle Owner’s Manual for the specific model bulb that your vehicle takes.  As a rule of thumb, if your DIM and BRIGHTS are in one globe (not two separate lights), then it is most probably a H4 Bulb.  Some vehicles have different specification levels, even within the same year of manufacture, and can have different bulb types that they use.

If you give Midas a call, they will also be able to assist you with your specific vehicle model and year of manufacture.  Unfortunately Extreme Lights do not keep a list of vehicle details, for the aforementioned reasons.

Will the LED Replacement Bulbs fit into my headlights?

There are a couple of things to look out for.  If you answer yes to the following three points, the bulbs will probably fit:

RUBBER DUST CAP? Does your vehicle’s light housing have a rubber dust cap at the rear of the light housing, through which the existing wire/connector runs?  If so, then the LED replacement globes will probably fit.  If your vehicle has a completely sealed light unit, with a hard plastic dust cap, chances are that the plastic dust cap will be in the way of heatsink at the back of the LED replacement bulb, and it will not fit.

SPRING CLIP? Is your halogen bulb kept in place with a Spring Clip?  If so, then the LED replacement bulb will probably fit.  If your vehicle uses a metal or plastic adapter to hold the halogen bulb in place, it will probably not be compatible with the LED Replacement Bulbs.  The reason for this is that the LED Bulbs have a heat sink at the rear that will be in the way of the adapter.

SPACE BEHIND THE LIGHT UNIT? You need about 5 to 8cm directly behind the bulb, for the heat sink.  It may be necessary to remove the battery (Hilux left hand side) to be able to fit the bulbs.  You should be able to judge easily whether there is space or not.  Most off-road and older vehicles have lots of space.  Some of the newest vehicles, where everything is crammed into the tiniest of spaces, may not have enough space.

Can I fit LED Replacement Bulbs myself?

Extreme Lights LED Replacement Bulbs are a plug and play system.  You don’t have to modify anything on your vehicle. Complete fitment should take you less than 10 minutes.  No modification is required to you vehicle.  Saying this, it is always best to have any electrical work on your vehicle done by a qualified auto electrician.

Are LED Replacement Bulbs legal on South African Roads?

To the best of our knowledge, the South African traffic act only refers to halogen and filament type bulbs, thus making all other aftermarket bulb types not roadworthy.  So technically speaking, no, they are not legal.  See the next question.

Will I blind oncoming traffic?

No, LED Replacement Bulbs on DIM should not blind oncoming traffic.  In practice, traffic officers may be concerned if your DIMS do not have a clear “cut off”.  “Cut off” meaning that you have a well-defined DIM beam pattern.

As long as you are using a good quality well designed LED replacement bulb,  the beam pattern should not be too high, and you should not blind oncoming traffic.  Having your DIMS shine too high can typical happen when you overload your bakkie, and the bakkie’s front is too high, thus blinding oncoming traffic.

H4 Bulbs on DIM - Clear Cut off

H4 Bulbs on DIM – Clear Cut off

H4 Bulbs on BRIGHT

H4 Bulbs on BRIGHT

What are the advantages of LED Replacement Bulbs? Will it make a difference?

Light Quantity:  Our LED Replacement Bulbs emit up to 4.5 times more light when compared to conventional Halogen Bulbs.  More light = better visibility.

Light Colour:  LED replacement bulbs emit different colours of white/yellow/blue compared to Halogen Bulb, which are yellow.  Our Bulbs are all 6000K, which is Daylight White.  You do not want to go higher than 6000K, as they then develop a blue hue.  (the higher you go, the bluer they are).

H4 Replacment Bulbs - Dims

Left Halogen Bulb is yellow, whereas the LED Replacement Bulb on the right is Daylight White 6000K.

How long do LED Replacement Bulbs last?

The LEDs lifespan are 30,000 hours.  However, the electronics that go with them can be less.  The warranty on them are for 2 years.

Will LED Replacement Bulbs affect my vehicle’s Warranty or Insurance Policy?

Fitting of ANY aftermarket accessories to your vehicle MAY affect your Warranty and/or Insurance Policy.  These are brand and Insurance Policy specific, so best to consult them beforehand.

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