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Merrell Adventure Addicts Cycle Light Review from Expedition Africa

Graham Bird from the Merrell Adventure Addicts delighted us with yet another outstanding review on the XP3 Performance Cycle Light.  Graham Bird leads and manages the Merrell Adventure Addicts, he is a true adventure addict.  The Merrell Adventure Addicts used the XP3 Performance Cycle Light and the XP1 Cycle Light at the Expedition Africa. Having competed in a lot of adventure races, Graham has some experience in the dependability you have in a light comes night time.  Read on for his account on the XP3 Performance Cycle Light.

Review of the XP3 Performance Cycle Light

Graham Bird - Merrell Adventure Addicts
The lights were fantastic. Having now ridden a race with them, it was awesome to have such powerful lights for a change. They were much brighter than the lights we have used in the past few years. The brightness and the flood on the downhills, in particular, was amazing, which meant that we moved much faster than we usually did on the downhills.
We definitely found the XP3 Performance Cycle Light much better for what our needs were.  The XP1 Cycle Light beam was just too narrow compared to the bigger flood given by the XP3 Performance Cycle Light. I can also say that we pretty much got one full night of light out of the larger battery.  We did ride around 10-11 hours in darkness with the Cycle Lights. Both the XP3 Performance Cycle Light Batteries where on orange and didn't allow us full beam anymore. So I wouldn’t want to be using a battery for more than one full night before changing or charging the Battery.