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Motorbike spotlights, 3600 lumen LED Reviewed with Beam Shots

Craig Alston in the not so distant past was looking for motorbike spotlights. He bought a pair of the new Spot 3600 motorbike spotlights from us.

He needed more and reliable light on his Yamaha motorbike. Craig Alston "I was about to order lights from clearview in the states.. but the rand dollar made me do a double take And then I saw you guys. I live in queenstown on a farm. My dirt road is ten kms with buck etc. So at night. I want to be able to see with out any hassle" Now just under a year ago and still ever so happy he tells us about his findings on them.

The motorbike spotlights fitting we were told was a breeze if it gets done by the right guys. And the right guys was Mick’s Motorcycle in Queenstown which fitted them perfectly. All the wiring was routed beneath the motorbike tank to keep the aesthetic looks of his ride.  The two lights were fitted one on each side of the clocks display  and was easily mounted to the bike. The question many people ask is how the motorbike spotlights should get connected and how the wiring should be done via the battery etc.  This was wired by Mick’s Motorcycles to the battery using a relay and the handlebar switch he also got from us. Wiring was done according to our guide How to Wire a Relay for Off-Road LED Lights.

We highly recommend installing a fuse in-line and having it done by a professional as Craig did. It will save you from walking home in the dark. Craig said he uses them a lot and in winter times. Every night that he turns them on he can’t stop being impressed.  In his own words “they work brilliantly”. But the real tests are when they get switched on, only then can they be fully appreciated as they truly are. Click here for more info on the product.      Here are some beam shots of the motorbike spotlight he took at night and sent to us. Beam shot of before the 3600’s and one with them on! Can you notice the difference..? A beam shot down the road and a close up. Pure 3600 Lumen packed into a small unit!                                                 If you don’t own a set of the 3600 new spots the question shouldn’t be how bright they are but why you don’t have them yet.