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Ndorfin Endurance Cycle Light Review

Craig Bruton from Ndorfin Adventure Media took the Endurance Cycle Light out on some night riding and shared some of his thoughts. 
The Endurance Light is a replacement for the XP3 light from 2015, and has a number of great improvements.
The Light Itself Although the Extreme XP7 light may offer more beam for really technical single-track, I’ve found the low & high beam fine for jeep track and road, and the “Boost” beam more than adequate for single track. On a 2 hour night ride, both my Endurance lights (Yes, I rock two of these babies on my handlebars) stayed within the “Green” range of 66% battery power and up. (The high beam boasts a 10-hour battery life on their website, and medium up to 40 hours) It is recommended to use the boost beam sparingly to avoid the light heating too much, and conserving battery. If you have some road bits on your way to the trail, there is also a flash mode for added visibility.
The Other Bits The new quick release clamp is a great new upgrade, from the old XP3 O-ring mechanism which tended to get lost in my bicycle kit. It is easy to install and does not drop down on the handlebar when installed correctly. The battery packs fit neatly on any size cross-bar or stem (if your stem is long enough) and the strap doubles over and fastens the battery very securely.  The short battery cable is great to avoid the lines tangling up, but means the battery has to be positioned close to or on the stem – which is fine in my opinion. The light comes packaging in a plastic box with storage foam, which means you can neatly pack it in with all your bike bits, and not lose any of the parts. The folks at Extreme Lights in Stellenbosch also have a stellar after sales service, should any of your lights need repair or replacing. As someone who commutes home from work, and rides trail at night on a regular basis, I would highly recommend the Endurance Light to any serious night rider. It would also be ideal for longer adventure races or 24-hour races such as the Baviaanskloof or Dirtopia 24 hour.