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New 4x4 Spots and Ultra Compact LED Light bars

Our New Ultra Compact LED Light Bars are designed to throw more light further with less flood.  This is accomplished by using high quality Lens optics.  The lenses are needle pin spot which shapes more light into a beam.  Contrary to reflector type lights that often suffer from over flooding the immediate area, which reduces your night vision. The Ultra Compact design is 30% more compact than our previous design.  We have also improved the mounting brackets, making it easier to mount on your vehicle. The first light bar below is our new Lensed 120W Light Bar.  The second one is the older model - note the decrease in size - but with the same output concentrated by the lenses!

  We have added 3 new 4x4 Spot Lights to our range.

  The New lights are very well priced.  Starting from as low as R375 for the 18W 1200 Lumen unit.