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New Powerful ACEBEAM Flashlights Available at Extreme Lights

Our ACEBEAM range is expanding to include the ultra powerful X70, L17 and L18 Flashlights. 

The Monster X70 ACEBEAM Flashlight

You probably know that this thing is special. Very special. The Acebeam X70 is a high-end flashlight with 60,000 lumens.

The X70 is a pretty big flashlight with the size of your forearm. Fortunately, Acebeam included a carry strap as well as a carry handle. The handle contains a built-in  fan cool down the top part of the flashlight. This part gets really hot, and instead of having built-in cooling fans, they built a handle with a cooling fan.

The Acebeam X70 does not disappoint, it appears to be a great contender in the list of brightest flashlights ever. The UI is straight forward and there aren’t too many hidden modes, which is great.

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View the X70 Acebeam Flashlight 

The ACEBEAM L17 Flashlight is part of our brand new tactical lights.

This flashlight will outperform any long-distance flashlight powered with only a single 18650 battery.

The L17 offers three different LED options available for different users' needs: OSRAM White, Green, and a Red light LED. The white LED delivers 1,400 lumens and 802 meters, which is great for tactical and day-to-day lighting, while the green and red are great for preserving night vision and other activities like fishing and hunting.

All the different colour options come with an impressive lumen output, throw, and a defensive strobe mode for quick, on-the-fly self-defense. The most impressive feature of the L17 is its ability to give off light up to 802 meters away. Considering the body is barely 14cm long, having that much throw packed into a small tactical light is amazing!

Check out the ACEBEAM L17 Flashlight

The new Acebeam L18 tactical flashlight is the best hunting flashlight that throws an impressive far-ranging light beam.

With its compact size, it delivers a max output of 1,500 lumens with an unbelievable throw of 1,000 meters. This powerful tactical flashlight is ideal for the professional choice of hunting trips, game driving, camping, and search and rescue operations. 

Designed with a TIR optical lens, the L18 creates a soft and balanced beam. 

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