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Niteye® Product Overview

Niteye SA is the official South African supplier of the fantastic range of LED lights by Niteye®, a premium flashlight and cycle light manufacturer. Very popular with cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts abroad, this quality flashlight and/or cycle light alternative is now available in South Africa. All our products are expertly crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminium, with a distinct compact design and a crisp white light beam.

All Niteye lights feature a 2 year full warranty on the light unit and a 1 year warranty on all other components with a lifetime limited warranty.

Niteye® EYE10

The EYE10 is a real pocket rocket. Its small size and light weight makes it the perfect every day carry (EDC) light. The EYE10 also incorporates Niteye’s favorite interface, the magnetic control ring. This enables one to select the exact amount of light necessary for the task and by doing so, saves battery power. Li-ion battery is included.

Niteye® EYE30

The build quality on this light is something to be seen. The rather steep price tag is quickly forgotten and justified after using it. It boasts three Cree LEDs, each in its own reflector. The lenses are coated to minimize reflection and are 3mm thick to withstand any use and abuse. Unlike conventional button operated flashlights, the EYE30 uses a magnetic control ring to change through modes. It has eight modes; strobe, s.o.s., beacon, battery indicator, low, medium, high and turbo. The lumen ratings range from 60 to 2000 lumens, which give you anything from 55 hours to 1.5 hours of runtime respectively. It comes with a holster, but forget about wearing it on your belt, because it weighs about 700 grams loaded with batteries. It is convenient to have though. The batteries included are top notch. The EYE30 has a built-in charger and comes with a 12V car adapter as well as a 100-220V wall adapter. Charging takes 6-7 hours. The removable grip handle is an excellent feature of this light because of the added comfort. The beam pattern is smooth and strikes a good balance between a far reaching spot and a flood light. Its tested beam distance to .25 Lux is about 380 m.

Niteye® EYE40

Niteye's latest flashlight, the EYE40, can push out a blinding 3000 lumen. Viewing the beam shot will explain why we think it can match your car's headlights. Similar to the EYE30's design, the EYE40 gets a fourth LED. The body and length of 145 mm remains unchanged. The user interface is also identical. Beam distance is 420 m and runtime on its lowest setting is 50 hours.

Niteye® B10

The B10 my not claim as much lumen as other single Cree XM-L lights, but it easily outperforms them with runtime and beam quality. Its beam pattern is excellent and is a classic example of how important the reflector is. The smooth transition from flood to spot is ideal. It does not have a distracting spot that bobs around in your field of view. Note the spectacular wide beam pattern.

The B10 and B20 both feature a remote operate switch that can be mounted to your handlebar or grip. This enables one to switch through modes without ever having to let go of the handlebar. It features a low level battery indicator tested and proven to be accurate. This is not all, also throw into the mix a high quality quick release mount that can be aimed in the desired direction. Something that is surely missed with o-ring type mounts.

Niteye® B20

The B20 is very compact and weighing only 29 g more than the B10 while boasting twice the light. Niteye products come to their full right when comparing beam patterns. The B20 is no exception with its reflector designed to combine flood-and focused light and use the 1200 lumen to its full potential. Notice how the tree 100 m away is illuminated.   Traveling along a winding track or road will not be bothersome. The design of the B20 is very appealing; the low profile design and multi-level fuel gauge make this light stand out. As with the B10, the remote control switch and adjustable mount are a welcome feature to the cycle light market.