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Powerbank Adapter - Review by Coos Diener

Once Again Coos Diener has graced us with a wonderful Review.

Recently we hiked the Naukluft hiking trail in the Namib-Naukluft park near Sossusvlei in Namibia. It is 120 km long over eight days and the terrain is rough: when not crossing rocky plains, dry waterfalls are negotiated (with some fixed chains for protection) or strolling down sandy riverbeds. Overnight spots are rudimentary shelters with long drops and some source of water. 

All supplies have to be carried. Luckily halfway through the hike supplies can be dropped.    

The wildlife is amazing (after all it is a national park). We saw blue wildebeest, kudu, springbok, and zebras aplenty and the birdlife is incredible.  Lots of leopard tracks and rhino dung heaps.  Unfortunately did not see any of them.

To complete the hiking experience there are no power outlets on the route. Thus if you have to charge anything with an internal battery you have to make a plan. Luckily Extreme Lights has got the solution: their USB adaptor fits any of their cycling batteries. You just need to remember your device’s power cable and your all set.

Although the battery is on the heavy side, we only had to carry one between us and that was more than enough to charge two Suunto Ambits (and the occasional cell phone) every evening. It even has a handy light to indicate the status of the battery. Quite the handy accessory on a long hike

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