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PPE Gear Now Available at Extreme Lights

PPE Gear Now Available 

IronRock in collaboration with Extreme Lights (trading as  Good Hope Imports (Pty) Ltd. has made it possible for us to sell great quality, certified PPE gear to our local South Africa clients. 


  • All prices quoted ex VAT
  • Excluding Shipping from our Warehouses in Cape Town / Johannesburg
  • Prices above only applicable to PRE ORDERS, not to Stock On Hand
  • Prices are changing daily with manufacturers
  • To be confirmed same day when deposit is paid
  • Calculated at R18.50 per USD

Payment Terms:

  • 50% on Order Confirmation
  • 50% on Arrival in Country, Before Delivery

 Lead Times:

  • Commences when deposit is received
  • Add 2 business days after payment for funds transfers
  • Add 7 days for AIR Transport
  • Add 21 days for SEA Transport


  • AIR Transport Included in Price-

A brief background of IronRock and how we came to be able to sell PPE Gear. 

Charl du Plessis CA (SA) and Christo van Jaarsvel, Good Hope Imports (Pty) Ltd [GHI], have a combined 14 years experience importing and sourcing products from China, in various business ventures. Christo has been to China more than 60 times, and Charl 6 times.

The most important aspect of sourcing is to identify the correct factory. By identifying and verifying the correct factory, 90% of your quality control is taken care of. Quality control is best performed at the source, as problems can be identified and resolved before shipment.

By buying directly from the factories, clients get the best prices and quality available.

GHI has been doing this on their own behalf (as principles) with great success for many years in the medical, mining, automotive and leisure sectors.

GHI has long-standing relationships with specific Chinese individuals, who verify and visit the factories, whenever they cannot themselves (for example due to current travel restrictions). These individuals always accompany them on their visits.

The Verification Process involves the following:

1. Ensure you are working directly with the factory, not through a middle man.

2. Due diligence on factory financials and statutory details, with emphasis on bank accounts and payments.

a. Site visit

b. Confirm products on assembly line and in warehouse, not in showroom.

c. Verify assembly line procedures, test procedures and quality control

d. Verify final order products before shipment

3. All logistics relating to Packing, Booking, Customs & Clearing of shipments in China

We now have 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks Available for purchase: 


Send us a mail if you're interested in the following Appendix 2 – Précis – Products that are currently sourced and available for immediate order :