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Review: Extreme Lights Night Raiders Spotlight by SA4x4

Following the latest trend in lighting technology, the Extreme Lights Night Raiders Spot Lights turn darkness to daytime. Despite offering incredible value at R2800 each, the Extreme lights are some of the brightest spots we’ve ever tested. Their lumen output of 6300 is enough to brighten the road for a realistic 400m or more.

Supplied with an oversized steel mounting bracket, the 165mm diameter lights stand 200mm high when fitted. The mounting brackets as well as all necessary bolts and screws are supplied with the lights. Beam angle is fully adjustable for either a long-reaching beam or a penetrating close-range spot light.

Each spot contains seven 7 LEDs, each enhanced by individual deep reflectors which maximise beam distance with a narrow seven degree spread. They work best as a long-range beam while your vehicle’s standard headlights fill in the gaps at closer range. Research shows the human eye responds well to LED lighting. Because of its cool, intense glow above 5 000 degrees kelvin (a similar colour temperature to natural midday light) the human eye experiences less fatigue when compared to the yellow hue of an incandescent bulb. This means tiredness is reduced when driving for extended periods. Oncoming road users will also experience less glare with LEDs when compared to a similarly bright HID or incandescent light. That said, the Night Raider spotlights are just about bright enough to give orbiting astronauts a suntan, so dimming them for traffic is still necessary.

Because an LED bulb uses about 10% of the power that your old incandescent spots used, the Night Raider spotlights use only 70 Watts each compared to the 700 Watts used by a normal incandescent light with similar output. With both lights burning and the engine off, you won’t have to worry about a flat battery for hours – handy for camping, once the glare has been diffused by placing a sheet of paper or similar in front of the lens. The Night Raider spotlights will run on anything from 10 to 30 volts, pulling just 6 Amps at 12 Volts for minimal stress on your alternator and battery. They are supplied without a relay wiring kit. However, a 12-month warranty is part of the deal; and, at almost half the price of some well-known competitors, they are a bargain in the lighting industry.

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