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Ride Magazine May 2016 – Endurance Cycle Light Review

Tim Brink, Editor at Ride Magazine South Africa, featured the Endurance Cycle Light in their Gear Section in the May 2016 Issue.

Ride Endu Review

Beam Me Up…

Night and Day

We grew to love Extreme’s XP3 light last year – 40 hours and more on low beam, which isn’t that low at 200 lumen made it the weapon of choice for 24-hour racing and the Munga.  Now, they have updated it, and everything – everything! – is better.

Start with the funky new packaging, a dedicated hard shell case that keeps it all cozy when not in use.  the aesthetics are up, too, with red cabling and detailing quite pleasing, and useful if you have an XP3 lying around in its drab black.

But it is the technology that has leaped forward here: 2.5 hours on its full brightness, which is claimed at 2 100 lumen (our neighbors might attest to how bright that is), or 40 on low, which is a totally rideable 200 lumen.  Between the two is a 750-lumen sweet spot, with a potential 10 hours of battery life.

The battery remains a 5200 mAh four-cell number, that charges in six hours and tucks neatly under your stem or top tube, with a paint-friendly neoprene/Velcro set-up.  It also has a flashing mode, for road riding.

The bar mount is solid and rubberised to protect carbon bars.  It no longer ships with a helmet mount, but you can buy one separately.