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Route updates for the 2018 36ONE MTB Challenge

The 36ONE MTB Challenge route has been updated for 2018 to make the riding experience more pleasurable by removing the dust kicked up by the 1 000 odd vehicles making their way along the route to Checkpoint 1 at Scheeperskraal. The Checkpoint 1 has been brought forward to the 64km mark at Dysselsdorp, while Scheeperskraal becomes a standard waterpoint.


The race starts with 15 km of farm roads taking riders in a northerly direction towards the Swartberg Mountains. A short section of tarred road makes way for arguably the second hardest climb of the race up to water point 1 at Spitskop, around 36 km into the race. A tricky fast descent takes riders towards De Rust and Dysselsdorp to Checkpoint 1.

Start elevation 330m
Finish elevation 375m
Ascent 887m
Descent 850m
Min elevation 344m
Max elevation 863m
Distance 63km
Water points Spitskop and Dysselsdorp
Water point 1 Spitskop 36km – No spectator point and no backup vehicles allowed
Water point 2 Dysselsdorp 63 km – Spectator point (Checkpoint 1)


The longest stage of the race, but in relation to the distance, it is the stage with the least amount of climbing. From Checkpoint 1, undulating gravel roads pass water point 3 at Scheeperskraal and Daskop onto Mount Hope where water point 5 awaits. This stage has no major climbs, only the open roads and darkness. From Waterpoint 5, the riders traverse the northern slopes of the Outeniqua mountains heading past Highgate and eventually onto Volmoed at Checkpoint 2.

Start elevation 375m
Finish elevation 273m
Ascent 1668m
Descent 1771m
Min elevation 270m
Max elevation 669m
Distance 120km
Water points Scheeperskraal, Volstruivlakte, Zebra and Volmoed
Water point 3 Scheeperskraal 90km – No spectator point and no back up vehicles
Water point 4 Volstruisvlakte 126km – No spectator point and no back up vehicles
Water point 5 Mount Hope 152km – No spectator point and no back up vehicles allowed
Water point 6 Volmoed 183km (checkpoint 2)



Probably the hardest stage of the race judged on proximity into the event and more serious climbs. With Volmoed behind, the riders head in a westerly direction towards the northern sections of the great Gouritz River. Sharper steeper sections find its way to the southerly slopes of the Rooiberg Mountain – with around 270 km in the legs, this bump in the road feels quite severe. The descent usually coincides with sunrise over Calitzdorp, the port capital of South Africa.

Start Elevation 273 m
Finish Elevation 228 m
Ascent 1 680 m
Descent 1 720 m
Min. Elevation 117 m
Max. Elevation 770 m
Distance 97 km
Waterpoints Paardebont, Rooiberg, Calitzdorp
Waterpoint 7: Paardebont 216 km
Waterpoint 8: Rooiberg 252 km
Waterpoint 9:

Calitzdorp 280 km (Checkpoint 3)



Sun on the back and home sweet home in sight make the narrow farm roads past Groenfontein and Kruisrivier seem easier – undulations and fast downhills bring riders ever closer to Oudtshoorn past Lategansvlei and onto Kleinplaas Holiday Resort – 361 kilometres done and dusted!

Start Elevation 224 m
Finish Elevation 330 m
Ascent 1 050 m
Descent 942 m
Min. Elevation 224 m
Max. Elevation 745 m
Distance 81 km
Waterpoints Kruisrivier, Lategansvlei, Kleinplaas
Waterpoint 10 Kruisrivier 310 km
Waterpoint 11 Lategansvlei 338 km
Waterpoint 12 Kleinplaas 361km (Finish)


Article: Dryland Event Management 

Photo Credit: Oakpics.com

For more information on The 36ONE MTB Challenge and for online entries please visit www.the36one.co.za.

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