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Runtimes On The 10200mAh Bicycle Light Battery

The 6 Cell Panasonic Bicycle Light 10200mAh Battery making ULTRA Endurance mountain bike races, not only possible but hassle-free, with unprecedented runtimes! 

The 6 Cell Panasonic Bicycle Light Battery is equipped with 6 of the best 18650 cells available on the market; the Panasonic 3400mAH 18650 li-ion cells performance is unmatched. Effectively it has a capacity that is 155% higher than standard Li-ion cells.



    • The total capacity of the 6 cell battery pack is 10200mAh and it only weighs 381g, including the high-quality neoprene pouch. 
    • The cycle light battery has three layers of physical protection:
      • Heat shrink wrapped for water and dust proofing,
      • Rubber enclosure for added water-, dust- and shock proofing, and
      • A stretchable neoprene pouch as the final layer of water-, dust- and shockproofing.
    • The included Neoprene Pouch is non-slip so will not vibrate and let dust scratch your frame, like the older nylon pouches used to do.  You can mount the battery on virtually any part of your bicycle, such as:
      • the stem, 
      • the handlebar, or
      • the top tube.
    • Short cable - only 20cm from your battery to plug.  No need to wrap your cord 10 times around your handlebar to get rid of all the extra cable anymore.
  • Compatible with all 8.4V light systems using 5.1 mm plugs