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Small super bright and light weight headlamps

We have added two impressively small headlamps to our range. These headlamps both have a place in any seasoned adventure seeking outdoor spirit backpack. The Rayfall HP3A has in incredible focused  hotspot with a wide flood element. Make the most of the 160 lumens of light. If you find yourself frequently having to look down a trail and you need a backup light that will match your primary headlamp this is it. The waterproofing, red LED's and AAA battery size is a welcome bonus. For R249 you will be hard pressed to find anything matching this light performance.

HP3A-Water-proof-headlamp HP3A  

The AA battery size is by far the most easily to get. In most cases you get 4 of them and that makes the Rayfal HP1A ideal. It uses one AA battery and light up the night with ease. It is also waterproof to 1 meter and is equipped with a set of RED leds for when you need it.  It almost produce the same amount of light as the HP3A but with the much wider and even beam pattern it is ideal for when you need to light up your immediate area well. At R195 inc 1 Duracell battery it will not break the bank.