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Sneak peak of our New Light Bar Range

It is clear that our bar lights are a hit.  They are bright and very efficient.  What came up frequently was that the high wattage units have sufficient amounts of flood but would be improved if more light is shown further. So, based on customer feedback we sat down with our manufacturer to improve on them where necessary. Last year we received the first model of our new lens type bar light. The new design light bar has a lens on each one of the LED’s, other than the conventional reflector/lens hybrids optics of the previous designs.  The advantages of lenses is that it shapes more of the light into a beam.  As can be seen in the beam shot below, the 240W has almost too much light near the camera. The 330W 25000 lumen light is significantly brighter than the 240W 18000 lumen light bar, although it is hard to portray in the photographs.  It extends your visibility range significantly. Additional to this the new design will also be 30% shorter than the current design.  For example the current 120W light bar is 564mm long and the equivalent new design will be about 435mm long. This will enable you to fit higher output light bars in confined spaces. The new design is very resilient against shock and water. We expect this range to consist of a 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 180W, 270W and 330W model.  They are scheduled to become available at the end of March, beginning April 2014.