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Spots, bigger is better! The Ultimate Guide to knowing what to look for in aftermarket Spot Lights

When you are in the market to buy 4X4 Spot Lights for your Off Road vehicle you can be disorientated by all the options out there.  Here are 5 things to look at when you want to make the plunge. 6-After-Side-e1422881821690

1. Why fit Spot Lights? When you have Spots on your Off Road vehicle you will have a much clearer view of the road ahead. We all know about that stray buck wandering over the road at the most unexpected times and places.

2. Where should you mount your lights? The most common place you will see Spot Lights fitted is on a vehicle's Bumper or Bull bar. It should be mounted far back for additional protection.  You will see some expedition vehicle with lights on the roof or roof rack, however, this in not legal.  Spotlights should not be mounted above the height of the bonnet thus, the expedition vehicles’ lights are usually mounted onto a removable bar.  Spotlights should be mounted on the most solid base available to avoid unnecessary damage. *Note that it is illegal to use lights exceeding 55W on Public Rods, these may only be used for Off Road Purposes. 120w fitted 3

3. Bigger is Better When we say bigger is better, we mean the Reflectors. This is the silver dish behind the LED Chip.  The reflector collects and projects the light in the right direction and determines the Beam pattern.  Another important factor is the Lenses of the Spot Lights, ask the sales consultant if the lenses on the Spot Light you are looking at will give you what you need from a Spot Light, i.e. Spot Beam or Flood Beam.

4. Beam Patterns You get 3 Main types of Beam patterns. The first and most well-known Beam Pattern is the Pencil Beam.  These are long, narrow beam patterns, which can light up a kilometre or more up ahead.  Remember to make sure of the Beam Distance from a sales consultant.  Secondly, you get the Flood Beam which is a wide-beam configuration that illuminates the sides of the road, but not so far ahead as the Pencil Beam.  Last but not least, there is the Combination Beam pattern.  These will give distance as well as flood.  In my opinion, this is the best kind of Spot Light, as you will be able to see far enough ahead with the sides of the road also illuminated. Gerrit Night Raiders Hilux

5.  Power High wattage  is not necessarily an indication of the power of a unit.  Some are made very effective through the design of reflectors and lenses.  It doesn’t hurt to compare units before deciding and make sure your alternator and wiring can handle the added load. If you’re running fridges and winches, consider a dual-battery system. Sourced and Adapted from www.getaway.co.za