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Strip Lights The Underground Mining Solution

The Strip Lights underground lighting system is changing the face of underground mining as we know it and setting new unsurpassed standards in its class.


LED Strip Lights is a safe and efficient alternative to complex infrastructures that needs constant maintenance. LED Strip Lights boasts the following unique safety features:

Reduced risk of electrocution: A low voltage supply of 24 or 36 Volts DC reduces the risk of electrocution considerably.
Fast and safe repairs: Repairs can be carried out safely and quickly under live conditions.
Safe working environment: The Strip Lights illuminates potential dangers by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling. This can substantially boost the morale and efficiency of workers.


Strip Lights lighting systems are designed to provide a zero maintenance solution.

It is a low profile (6mm) robust lighting solution that’s installed out of harm’s way, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Free from dark spots
The LED layout is configured in a strip design, which means that the installation will be completely free from dark spots, as opposed to any globe configuration where these spaced lights can blow or get damaged.

Ring feed design
The ingenious ring feed design, guarantees perfectly functioning lighting even when severed, further reducing the need for repairs.

Swift and effortless repairs
Repairs are effortless and extremely swift to carry out, with low skill level required to do the repairs, which can even be done safely under live conditions (not recommended) due to the low voltage 36 VDC supply.

LED Strip Lights use LED Power Supplies to convert the input voltage from 110/240 VAC into a lower voltage of 24 or 36VDC energising the LED's. The Power Supplies have a variable input feature which means it can manage any voltage from 85 - 265VAC, making it suitable for most applications around the world.

The design has an ingenious feature which allows for the connection of a power supply on either one end, or both ends of the strip lighting. In doing so the rated length effectively doubles and the lighting will continue to operate if completely severed or if one of the power supplies fails. Easily applied to existing infrastructure.
Strip Lights is a lightweight and flexible lighting solution, making installation extremely easy and exceptionally rapid to complete:

Easily apply to existing structures
Due to the low energy consumption, new installations require less cabling and switchgear, and can also be easily attached to existing infrastructures. A single individual can easily carry up to 500 meters or more, and installation of the lighting itself can be done by simply strapping the rolled out LED strip lighting onto existing structures (by means of PVC cable ties).
Rapid Installation
The strip lights low profile nature allows for quick and easy installation, as opposed to bulky, conventional lighting. The high strength design ensures that the lighting can be relocated at ease without any damage to the lighting.
Modular and Compatible
The lighting is completely modular with all solutions fully compatible, allowing for interjoining of various solutions with each other. This will provide different levels of illumination on a single run if required. The lighting runs can be cut throughout the run with cutting intervals every 30cm or more, depending on the solution used. Purposely made Tees and 4-Ways allows this immaculate lighting solution to provide endless possibilities.

LED Selection Process
LED’s are meticulously selected by professionals to include only the highest quality.

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