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The difference between Cycle Lights Explained

Which Front LED Cycle Light is best and which one should I buy?  Or what is the difference between all your cycle lights?  These are very common questions when people call us or walk into our store.  We have tried to simplify our range - each to fit a unique purpose. Two Product Ranges: The Extreme Range - known for:
  1. More bang for your buck - ie value for money
  2. Good batteries with decent run times
  3. CREE XM L LEDs with a Theoretical Max 1 000 Lumen per LED
  4. Tried and tested O-ring mount
The K-Range - known for:
  1. The Best Performance - most light for longest run times at least weight
  2. The Best Panasonic Commercial Li-Ion Batteries we could source with the highest capacity
  3. CREE XM L2 LEDs with a Theoretical Max 1 200 Lumen per LED (20% more than the above)
  4. Tried and tested O-ring mount + Quick Release Swivel Mounts
All our lights also feature:
  1. Neoprene pouches that stretch.  This allows you to fit it onto your stem and they sit tight as ever.  No more vibration with scratching of your frame.
  2. SABC approved chargers.
Different Beam Patterns The number of LEDs, with the way the reflectors are cut, determine the beam pattern.  Rule of thumb - the one LED lights have a small hot spot in the middle, with enough light on the perimeter to see wide as well.  A three (or seven) LED light will have a much wider beam (flood) that will light up more of the track.  You can generally see further (but narrower) with a single LED, while seeing more (wider) with a three LED light. View all the different beam patterns here... To focus on each light's specific use: Extreme Range Extreme 1200 MKII - full spec The light that revolutionized night riding in South Africa.  It simply gets the job done.  900 Lumen with a 4 hour plus run time on high.  Priced not to break the bank.  4 400 mAh 4 cell battery pack. Extreme 2000 MKII - full spec Lots of light (three LEDs), paired with a six cell battery pack - at a reasonable price.  With the slightly bigger battery pack, this light gives you a lot of light, while being reasonable priced by equipping it with a 6 600 mAh six cell battery pack (that is slightly heavier and bulkier than the top of the range 4 cell packs). K-Range Extreme 1.4K - full spec Here we focused on run-time.  If endurance racing like the Transbaviaans or multi day Adventure Racing is your game - this is the light for you.  With the XM L2 LED (very efficient) and a Panasonic 6 800mAh 4 cell battery pack, it will light your way for 6 hours on high - and 22 hours low!  Low is sufficient for 90% of the tracks that you will ride. Extreme 2K - full spec Top of the range racing light.  The same beam pattern with its three LEDs as the Extreme 2000, but equipped with XM L2 LEDs and the 6 800mAh battery pack.  It gives you the best of all the worlds.  A wide flood beam with 1 800 Lumen that runs for more than 5 hours on high.  This light is ideal for single track riding. Extreme 3K - full specs The most light by far!  The bulkiest light of all, but with lots and lots and lots of light - 3 000 Lumen of it.  The 10 200 mAh 6 cell Panasonic battery ensures that you don't run out of juice.  This light is best suited to social or downhill riders needing the maximum amount of light - from a slightly bigger unit. Still uncertain which light is best for you?  Give us a call at the shop on 021 886 5479 or pop into our new store in Stellenbosch. [caption id="attachment_6852" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Our new Cycle Light Spec Sheet.[/caption]