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Two South Coast Heroes Armed With Extreme Lights 

A big shout out and HUGE RESPECT for Chayse Orsmond and Kyle Flanagan for putting themselves at risk to rescue a fellow rider in the Lesotho mountains, setting out into a blazing storm, at night!

After riding a tough full day's Gold training route, Chayse first went out to take fuel to a rider stranded on Baboons Pass. Unfortunately, the rider had strayed from the route and Chayse searched for him all the way to the top, eventually he was found at the bottom of the pass. All this grueling riding was taking its toll and Chayse was vomiting and nauseous.

Then, just hours later, when a missing German rider (who had made the terrible mistake of not taking his cell phone with him) could not be contacted, the two South Coast hero's would not take "no" for an answer and set out into the rain and darkness.
"We would not be able to live with ourselves if something happened to him and we could have done something but didn't", was their answer to concerns about their safety.

Armed only with a strong Extreme Lights LED Cycling Light and LED Head Lamp, Kyle, and Chayse found the missing rider about 15 km's into a pretty tough route. He was exhausted and bewildered but otherwise okay. His relief and amazement at being rescued in the middle of the night completely overcame his exhaustion and he was able to follow his two rescuers back to the lodge, where a hot meal, shower, and warm bed were things he never dreamed he would see that night.

This unbelievable sacrifice, courage, and concern for a brother rider you have never met are spoken of in John 15:13 - "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
Thank you, for being such an unbelievable inspiration to all of us, as a cycling community, we're super proud! 

Article by Enduro World