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Which Motorcycle light to use - Mini Motorcycle Spot vs Spot 3600

Which Motorcycle to use. 

We often get asked which light is best to mount on my motorcycle, so lets have a look at what is on offer. Secondary motorcycle lights are generally used for two purposes.  Either as daytime running lights, or for driving at night time.  To be seen, or to see.

Extreme Lights’ motorcycle lights have a round beam.  They cannot be dimmed or put on bright, they only have one constant beam.  This makes all of them illegal to use in traffic as they will inevitably shine into other traffic’s eyes.

Mini Motorcycle Spot However, even though not legal to use in traffic, the Extreme Mini Motorcycle Spot, having one CREE XM L2 LED with a maximum output of 1200 lumen per light, is often used as a daytime running light.  Although it will irritate the eyes of oncoming traffic, it will not blind them.  This makes motorcycles very visible to oncoming traffic.  It is also a significant improvement after dark compared to standards motorcycle lights.  If used as daytime running lights, they should always be fitted with a separate switch.  Mounted in different positions, depending on your motorcycle. 

Spot 3600  Two Spot 3600s mounted on a Suzuki Swift. First image shows the car's High Beams plus Fogs. Image two shows the two Spot 3600s. On the other hand, the Extreme 3600, having FOUR CREE XM L2 LEDS being driven to 3 600 Lumen, has three times more light than the Mini Motorcycle Spot.  The four LEDs are not driven to 4 800, as this would generate too much heat that needs to be dispersed.  These lights are so bright that they hurt your eyes when they shine on you.  Even if you close your eyes, it still hurts.  You physically have to put something in between your eyes and the light to protect your eyes.  They should NEVER be used in traffic.  They are only to be used for night time riding on highways, gravel roads, etc along with your brights. View the full specs of the Spot 3600 here. View the Motorcycle light beam comparisons here.  They even get mounted as 4X4 spots as well, due to their small size and high output. 

Conclusion If you want to improve your sight at night time, and be seen during the day (even though it is not legal), the Mini Motorcycle Spot is the light for you.  If want to SEE on dark roads where there is no other traffic, there are very few lights that will compare to the Spot 3600.