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4 Cell Bicycle Light Battery 5200mAh
4 Cell Bicycle Light Battery 5200mAh

4 Cell Bicycle Light Battery 5200mAh

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New Improved Rechargeable Li-ion battery for bicycle lights

This battery pack is a good value and excellent quality battery pack, with a real capacity of 5200mAh. It is a small and lightweight battery pack but has a great deal of power. It is compatible with all our bicycle lights. It is housed in tough rubber housing and comes with a high-quality pouch that straps to the bike.

  • The bicycle light battery has three layers of physical protection:
    • Heat shrink wrapped for water and dust proofing,
    • Rubber enclosure for added water-, dust- and shock proofing, and
    • A stretchable neoprene pouch as the final layer of water-, dust- and shockproofing.
  • The included Neoprene Pouch is non-slip so will not vibrate and let dust scratch your frame, like the older nylon pouches used to do.  You can mount the battery on virtually any part of your bicycle, such as:
    • the stem, 
    • the handlebar, or
    • the top tube.
  • Short cable - only 20cm from your battery to plug.  No need to wrap your cord 10 times around your handlebar to get rid of all the extra cable anymore.
  • 4 x 18650 Li-ion cells
  • 8.4V 5200 mA (real capacity)
  • Waterproof rubber cover with padded neoprene velcro strap pouch
  • Dimensions (approx) 85 x 50 x 50 mm
  • 232 grams including battery bag

Compatible with all 8.4V light systems using 5.1mm plugs

Pyro-lights, Magicshine, Magiclight, Gemini, and Fluxient

Not compatible with Ryder

To verify if your light would work ensure that your battery connector is the same gender, and that your charger output is between 8-9Vdc

Warranty Period: 12 Months

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi there, do you get a charger with the battery?

    The chargers for the 5200mah batteries are sold separately and you can order them here:



  • estimated hours on high settings of ligh

    Runtime depends on the lumen output and settings of the light. Estimation at minimum on Boost with our 2100 lumen Endurance+ is 3.5 hours. Less lumens, more runtime, more lumens, less runtime. 

  • What is the charging time on this battery? I have had it on charge for about 3 hours and still not fully charged.

    Usual charge time is 4.5 hours from flat to full. 

  • Hello, i have an old 900 lumin bicycle light, ±5yrs older, possibly older, the battery has just given up, will this battery work with my light? Kind Regards Andreas

    If it is an old Extreme Lights light, the battery will definitely work on your light. If it is a MagicShine, Ryder, Marvel or any other brand, we can not say for sure that it will work.

  • I have a Hope light with a 4 x ICR18650 cell battery pack that says 7.4V on it. Plugs look the same ...is your 4 Cell Cycle Light Battery 5200mAh compatible?

    As long as the connections are the same, being female from the battery and male from the light it will work. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Nicholls
5 Star

Great product.
Great price
Great shopping experience

Trevor M.
Great service

Very professional organisation, quick to answer questions and offer helpful advice. Delivery is fast too.

Dirk O.
Quality product

Great quality battery at the price. Have similar one that I bought with my cycle light and it is still working well after many years (5)

Michele H.
Excellent service

It was great, thank you

Barry S.
Great customer experience

Well made product. Shipped and received quickly. They went the extra mile by including a charger at no charge. Very happy to recommend them.