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Limitation of Liability

The equipment itself can be dangerous if used without proper consideration. Exposing it to heat, damage or using it for extended periods of time may cause it to explode. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure that it is used in a safe way.

Extreme Lights or any person working with or for Extreme Lights cannot be held liable for any injury or damage caused by the improper or irresponsible use of the equipment.

  • Night activities with lights are dangerous and require the user to be more careful than during the day, no matter how bright your light is. Rocks and obstacles are still hard and pose as much threat in the night as in the day.
  • Li-ion batteries contain a very high level of power. It is possible for li-ion batteries to combust and cause injury or fire.  It is the responsibility of the user to make sure that the batteries aren’t exposed to temperature above 25C, and do not take too much abuse.
  • Never short circuit a Li-ion battery.
  • High current drain >5A will result in heat build-up in the batteries. This can cause the batteries to combust and result in severe personal injury. The user takes responsibility and should be aware that it is very dangerous to subject the batteries to high current drains for extend periods of time
  • Fitment of a light bar for use on a public road is illegal, and it will result in your vehicle being deemed un-roadworthy. We intend our light bars for Off-Road and Commercial use only, please ensure that you adhere to the laws as Extreme Lights will carry no liability from any situations arising from an unlawful fitment. In addition there are South Africans who have expressed the opinion that you will most definitely be fined if you are utilizing Light Bars in Namibia.