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Motorbike Lights Beam Comparison



Professionally made and state of the art motorcycle spotlights. These lights are superiorly powerful for their small and compact design. 



10W Premium Motorbike Spot & Relay Wiring Harness COMBO

This Premium Mini Motorcycle Spotlight is almost too small to be this bright. The lens on the Mini Motorcycle Spotlight allows it to extend your visible range significantly at night.  Although it only uses 10W of power it matches a 55W halogen light in output.  

36W Motorbike Spot & Relay Wiring Harness COMBO

Meet our brightest addition yet to our popular Extreme Lights motorbike spots range, the high-powered 36W Motorbike Spots, combined with a motorbike relay wiring harness.

The spot beam will enhance your night-time driving, making this the ideal spot for regular off-road riders who want to see more clearly on dirt roads and also the side of the road. Specifically designed for serious off-road riding, giving you a great light far down the road as well as spilling into the sides of the road.

This new Combo consists of 2 X 36W Motorbike Spots & a Relay Wiring Harness.