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Our Eco Pledge


Extreme Lights Eco Pledge

We believe in supporting our local community and the natural environment in which we indulge in our adventures. In 2018 our #EcoPledge is to donate R10 of every cycle light that we sell to the Stellenbosch Trail Fund; to assist with their environmental rehabilitation projects, trail building and maintenance.

Why We Chose To Commit To Our #EcoPledge

As a local, homegrown company, with a passion for the outdoors, we decided to embark on a long-term journey to help save our planet & commit to an #EcoPledge.

With this decision, the question came: How do we see our part to play as a South African company?

  • We have hope for our country and we’re getting pretty tired of people complaining that things aren’t the way it used to be.
  • We want South Africa to be a better place for our children.
  • We want to take responsibility for our natural environment and our actions.
  • Above all, we want to see change.

We probably won’t save the planet today, but we’re actively taking our first steps on this journey to make our world, a better one tomorrow.

Take responsibility. Take action. Make a difference.

We Challenge You to #CleanUpYourAdventures

We want to challenge other South African businesses to do the same.   Select an area that is special to you. Everyone has one. An area that you always say: “I wish they wouldn’t make such a mess” or “I wish they would clean that up”.  

Go there, and clean it.   Do your part for the greater good.  

It’s a great team building initiative, it motivates staff and it’s one step closer to a better tomorrow.