A New Motorbike Light Coming Soon - First Sample Received

Update: We just received the first sample of the new motorbike light. 

With the past five years’ experience as one of South Africa's leading local LED lighting companies, we decided to invest in the development of an entirely new range of motorbike lights, from the ground up!

At the end of 2017, we also listened to our users, as they gave their input on New BikeLight Coming Soon.

Taking in account the harsh Southern African elements, including the corrugated dirt road surfaces that our adventure riders like so much, we're building a motorbike light that will keep you safe on the roads, properly light up your dirt road adventures and with the added perk of making you look even more badass. 

Testing of the new motorbike light first sample. 

As you know we already tested the first sets of PCBs, with the required functionality built in.  They underwent extensive testing with our partner CANBUS specialists, based in Somerset West.  These tests included CANBUS compatibility, the ability to dim and thermal regulation, to mention but a few.   

We just received the first sample light and we're running some more tests on the beam pattern, waterproofing and thermal regulation. So far the light performed well, as expected, but quite a number of tweaks will be made for the next sample.  The light's thermal regulation performed exceptionally well, keeping a constant 30W at 25 degrees ambient, with no additional cooling.

A beam pattern and brightness comparison test was conducted between 8 of the leading international motorbike lights.  The new Extreme Lights Motorbike Light has 6 LEDS and is rated at 30W each.  With a super bright 7 degree hotspot, combined with a wide fading flood beam, these lights will have you see far down the road with enough light to have visibility next to the road as well. 

The new upcoming light is quite bigger than our well known Premium Motorcycle Spot, with a diameter of 86mm to look forward to. 

The final lens will be replaced with a more efficient version, to let more light through.  There are a couple of other features where we are not quite satisfied yet, but nothing that we cannot sort out before launch.

Once completed, these motorbike lights will be 100% built for Southern African road conditions.  

Keep an eye on our newsletters for early pre-order deals, final release dates, and an upcoming competition to determine this new light's name! (We are aiming for a launch date of 31 May)

Any thoughts or questions on the new motorbike light that's coming? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 


  • Nice motorbike lights. Thanks for the share. It was a great read.
    - Mx24.co.za

  • As I have previously said the last sets of lights that I bought from you had the same sales pitch as these.
    I am also concerned at what the cost is going to be as the sales pitch seems to be laying the foundation for a hefty price. I am also concerned at how long these will be on the market before been discontinued.

  • Good day,

    I think this a great development for bike lights. Cannot wait to see the end product.

    The only thing that I am not excited about is the eventual cost. Personally, I believe that in some cases quality products deserve their high price tags – however, there is a fine line between: a good deal for a quality product and ; an overly inflated price simply because it is a quality product.

    So please, keep cost in mind throughout.

    Also, please make these spots available as sets. I find it strange that they are sold as 1EACH when most people would buy two ( a set) for use.

    Just my 2c worth…

    Louis Botes
  • Dear Sir, I have a pair of 3600 lights on my KTM 1190R 2014. Mounting and fittings: Mounted low on the crash bars produced problems with bolts loosening from vibration. Larger diameter mounting bolts were fitted along with Loctite to prevent this. Rubber sleeves were used to further reduce vibration. 4mm bolts are inadequate for this application. Outer glass is very prone chipping from stone damage. Water proofing needs attention as twice the sealing o ring has been replaced.
    Beam shape: I use the lights mainly in poor visibility conditions i.e. misty or heavy rain. In these circumstances there is too much scatter light and this reflects back. I suggest that you aim for a very concentrated oval shaped beam that the rider can use to fully augment the normal headlight.
    I also use a set of your HB3 globes in a Subaru Outback 2015 High Beam. Focus is wrong (too high) compared to standard globes and again scatter light dilutes their function.
    I hope you find this useful. Regards, Rupert

    Rupert Culwick

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