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Extreme Lights Endurance Cycle Light Combo
Extreme Lights | 24 Hour Bicycle Race COMBO | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Extreme Lights Endurance Battery
Extreme Lights | 24 Hour Bicycle Race COMBO | the best Cycle Lights ever!
Extreme Lights | 24 Hour Bicycle Race COMBO | the best Cycle Lights ever!

24 Hour Bicycle Race COMBO

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The 24 Hour Bicycle Race Combo is the complete package for anyone taking part in a long-distance 24-hour event or multi-day adventure race.  This COMBO is comprised of The Endurance+ Bicycle Light, which includes a 5200mAh battery and our high capacity 6800mAh top-quality battery pack.

Voted South Africa's most used MTB Bicycle Light brand, in Tread Magazine, South African Crash Survey: The Results - Part 2

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Endurance+ Bicycle Light 

The new Endurance+ Bicycle Light is the ideal bicycle light for long-distance off-road races such as the Trans Baviaans and 24-hour events.  This light has been specially designed for off-road mountain biking.  It features a medium-width hotspot, which fades into an even wider flood beam for a near 180° beam! It delivers unmatched performance that strikes the perfect balance between size, weight, performance, and reliability.

The Endurance+  Bicycle Light produces a near-perfect beam pattern, with a maximum beam distance of 223m, produces natural white light of up to 2 100 Lumen, and features a maximum run time of 40 hours.

The Endurance+ Bicycle Light supersedes the Award Winning 2016 Endurance Bicycle Light.  The Endurance+ features upgraded LEDs, which provide a slightly wider hotspot than its predecessor.  This makes it slightly more single track friendly.

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4 Cell Panasonic Bicycle Light Battery (6800mAh)

Equipped with 4 of the best 18650 cells available on the market, the Panasonic 3400mAH 18650 li-ion cells' performance is unmatched.  Effectively, it has a capacity that is 155% higher than standard Li-ion cells.

The total capacity of the 4 cell battery pack is 6800mAh and it only weighs 289g including the high-quality pouch.

The 4 cells are encased in a rubber shell and a durable neoprene pouch allows for secure attachment.

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  • 1 x Endurance+ Bicycle Light 
  • 1 x 5200mAh Bicycle Light Battery 
  • 1 x 6800mAh Bicycle Light Battery
  • 8.4V charger


For your safety please refer to this guide on how to use lithium-ion batteries safely.

Questions & Answers

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  • What does the mounting look like?

    The mount is our ingenious XP Quick Release Clamp. It hinges on and off with ease, and can be screwed onto any light that has the same size thread. You can also tighten this mount so that it does not move at all, even with severe vibration on fast downhill tracks. 

  • Does the offer include the charger and mounting?

    The 24 Hour Race Combo does include a 8.4V charger for the battery packs and the quick release clamp comes fitted standard to the Endurance+ cycling light.

  • Is the handlebar mount included?

    The Endurance+ light comes fitted with the quick release handlebar clamp as part of the 24 hour bicycle race combo.

  • Hi.... do you sell the 6800mAh batteries sepperate , can i buy an extra or spare one ?? Regards Jan 082 552 8271

    Hi Jan,


    Yes we do sell them separate. You can order one here:



  • Does the special include 2 batteries ie 6800mAh additional to the 5200mAh included with the 2017 endurance+ cycle light?

    The 24 Hour Race Combo comes with two batteries, a 5200 mah battery and a 6800 mah battery. 

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