Cycle Light Buyers Guide

Best Cycle Light Buyers will help you decide which light is best for your type of riding. New to cycling or a veteran, how do you decide which cycle light to buy? Our Best Cycle Light Buyers Guide will guide you through the process of deciding which LED Cycle Light will suit you best.

The question to answer is simple: What type of riding do you do?

Trail Riding Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers who do Off Road Trail riding on dirt roads, jeep tracks and single tracks. Not just any single track, but challenging single tracks. You like to impress or scare your mates with your ridiculously bright light, are afraid of the dark or simply want to see EVERYTHING. Only the latest and greatest will do for you.

What you need & why

As much light (lumen) as possible, in a very wide beam. When you cycle on single tracks, your handlebar will be pointing forward while the tracks will be turning, even into switchbacks. A very wide beam will allow you to see a bigger portion of the track – even “through” the corner.

Best Light

The Ultimate+ Cycle Light has 3000 lumen, which it shines in a wide hotspot, fading into a 180º beam. It is the best light that you will find for jeep and single tracks. It still comes in a compact, light weight package that is easy to mount to your bike.

Long Distance Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers who do a combination of Road and Off Road riding. You focus on many hours in the saddle training and riding long distance events like the Transbaviaans, 36ONE, 24 hour events or training for the Munga. You spend most of your time on dirt roads, and moderately technical single tracks.

What you need & why

A lot of light (lumen), in a wide beam. When you cycle on winding dirt roads, you need to see next to the road. You also need Modes that will give you sufficient light to see into the early hours of the morning, not tiring your eyes. A long battery life in a light (weight) is essential.

Best Light

The Endurance+ Cycle Light has 2100 lumen, which it shines in a wide hotspot, fading into a 180º beam. On it’s HIGH mode, the battery lasts for 10 hours, and on LOW 40 hours. It is designed specifically for the Transbaviaans Rider.

Commuters and Road Riders

Commuters, Road Riders and the occasional off road mountain biker. You want to be highly visible everywhere you go – for safety reasons. However you still want to be able to see clearly – not only to be seen. You don’t mind an external battery pack, as you like the fact that you can change batteries midway through.

What you need & why

You need a light that has a small, focused hotspot, lighting up the road directly in front of you. This will let you see obstacles far ahead. You also want to be able to see a bit wider. You have to be highly visible to motorists, but you do not want to blind them completely.

Best Light

The Core+ Cycle Light has all the essentials that you need, in a small, light, quality package. The focused beam has the furthest beam distance, while still giving you light on the sides. The smaller battery pack attaches securely to your bike.

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