A New Motorbike Light Coming Soon - Update

Latest Updates To Our New Motorbike Light

The new motorbike light development is coming along well.  We've made a number of changes to the sample that we received at the beginning of the year...  notably the following:

1.  Beam pattern

The sample light's beam pattern was not focused enough so would not give the required distance.  We've narrowed it even more to a 5-degree hotspot, for maximum beam distance, while still retaining some sidelight to light up next to the road.

2.  Weight

The light weighed 820g per unit, which was too heavy.  Although the bracket is super strong, the mounting point on the bike will also need to withstand the vibration.  By hollowing out some of the excessive aluminum, we brought the weight down to 580g per unit, which is acceptable to us.

3.  Lens build quality

The three foot-pegs the lens had was not sturdy enough.  We put in five.  This will do the trick.

4.  Reliability and simplicity

The sample unit consisted of three parts.  We combined the front two rings into one.  Although we cannot have the pattern on it that we want, the reliability and simplicity are more important.  This way we eliminated an unnecessary metal part and O-Ring.  Thus, less can go wrong and fewer seals for waterproofing.


  • Hi3 Lens vibrated in the light, scuffing the pc board and leaving dust inside the light. The new lens should have no chance of moving or causing damage. A combined 10° | 25° beam pattern is ideal to see far and to have light to the peripheries for better sight on gravel roads, and to be seen in Daytime Running Light mode. Brighter than normal is not an issue. Some cages still don’t see us with normal DRLs. Spots have to be brighter for cars to notice us – our lives are at stake.

  • These are three very worthwhile improvements.
    Hope to see these lights available soon.

    C Whittaker
  • Hi Guys,
    Old customer patiently waiting for the new lights.
    I ride a lot in small groups on and off-road.

    The most important aspect of driving lights is not to “see” but to “be seen”.

    Visibility is paramount – most motorcyclists do not ride at night and modern standard lights are passable for the odd night ride.

    Plesae concentrate your efforts on “high visibility” without blinding oncoming traffic.

    Best regards,


    Rob Kennedy
  • Good Morning, Light looks very nice, I have a pair of your old 30w & a pair of your old 10w fitted to my bike.

    What will the lumen output be of this light?

    Reg King
  • All changes make sence and the light looks supper

    Nico Gericke

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